Just to say hi im new!!


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Hi everyone.

Im going to start slimming world on 2nd Jan 2010, and im expecting baby no1 end of April.

I want to start slimming world before baby due because i have gone so mad and want to eat healthy, as i was already overweight before i fell pregnant.

Also how do i add a picture to my profile, and the awards when i reach my weight losses?

Any advice would be much appreciated. :p
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Hey honnypie. Welcome! :D

Congratulations on your babba. You must be v. excited!!! Sw will not only be good for you, but for your baby also. You'l be able to teach your child good healthy eating skills for life, whilst running around after them yourself! :eek:)

I copy and past my awards from my online account that you get the password for when you join class ( or pay for an online membership) you log your weight each wee, if you want and it'l award you the stickers as you get them, and i'v just copy'd and pasted them myself, i dont know if theres another way though.

As for the photos you should be able to create photo albums in your personal profile. Im not sure if there are restrictions untill youv posted a certain amount of times for this though, maybe someone else can clear that up for you?

Wishing you all the best.

Lots of love, Fern x


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Hello and welcome! I'm new too - have been doing SW for 2 weeks and so far it's been great. These boards are a mine of information - have a look through the sticky threads for recipe ideas. I think you have to have made a certain number of posts before you can add stuff to your profile.

Enjoy Xmas and good luck for the 4th!


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Ah thanks for the replies.

Im doing it from home to save the money for baby bits, then may join a class after baby is born.

Hopefully when i have posted some more i can add my pics.

Thanks again!:eek:


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Welcome to the group. I am also quite new to the group and SW, but have found it really useful and supportive.
You can normally also copy the loss stickers (1 stone award, 1/2 stone) from another users signature and then go to User CP- Edit Signature and just paste it and Save.


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ah thats great thanks i will do it that way, when i get there that is lol. :eek:

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I wish I'd found SW whilst I was pregnant - I might not of gained 4st then!

Good luck! xx

Too true! Although I did know about SW then, I was just greedy!



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Congratulations for your expected baby, and welcome to the forum, it's a wonderful friendly board here, and good luck with the SW diet too. X


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Welcome! I was able to add a ticker to my signature when I first joined. I like to see my progress.... I just clicked on someone elses which directed me to the ticker site to set one up. Then you just copy it over. Simples xx

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Hello!! and welcome to these wonderful boards xxx