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just wanted to share

Just wanted to share something

after starting this diet in February as a last resort and something to do to prove I could not lose weight so I could be eligible for a gastric band I am now at a healthy weight with my BMi dead on 25.

When i started this diet i was 17st 5lbs and did not see it working. I thought it was dangerous and unhealthy, but I was completely wrong.

I have stuck with the diet 100% and the benefits show. For all of you who have hard days and down days please just stick with it, because this works. get on the forum and read what other people are going through and post your questions... you are not alone we are all in it together.

I could not reccomend cambridge enough to people, it has not only changed my left but completely given me back my life which was spirling out of control due to my obsession with food and eating to make myself feel better.

I am nowhere near finished with Cambridge and Im aware that this will be part of my life for a long time still. BUT if i can do it then all of you can!

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Thanks for posting that louisie. It sounds like you've done really well on the diet and tackled your weight issues. Great to hear positive stories like that.
How amazing .... i was the same i really didn't think i could loss weight having never ever managed to lose 1 lb before i blamed my pcos and even doctors seemed to make an allowence for me to be fat because of pcos i accepted it was me for life ...but then i found out about CD ... & it for you has changed my life i now know i can lose weight and how to do it i know so much more about food and look at it totally differentley as i sure you do now

you should be very proud of yourself ..amazing getting your BMI into the healthy weight range ... good luck with the rest of your journey thanks so much for posting i know this will def help others :)
Well done, so nice to hear such a positive post:happy096:


Enjoyin' my journey....
Louisie - what a great post. I have struggled with my weight for the past 12 years (prior to that always being slim and well). I've tried all the diets and even some not yet invented. I was so desperate to make some headway, stumbled across CD by total accident, and even though i am at the start of my journey I just somehow know that this is it ..... it is going to work!
congrats on doing so well i bet you feel so proud of yourself im at a point where i know i can see it through now its so worth it in the end isnt it.

wannabesize10 what a difference on your pics your similar height and goal to me so great to see i will be so slim soon!
thankyou so much for such a positive post! xxxx


please try again
congratulations hun
what an inspirational post

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Congratulations!!!! Fabulous effort. And great to hear you know you aren't done with CD yet. The 'fun' part is soon to begin ;) Look forward to seeing you on the 1000 to maintenance when you hit your goal weight.
Why is no-one shouting about this diet from the rooftops?? I too accidentally found out about Cambridge when I looked into doing LL but I couldn't make the meetings near me. CD has been so much more flexible (and cheaper!).
Brilliant post Louisie


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Thank you so much for sharing, that is exactly what I need to hear to stay motivated to keep on going. Really well done!!!


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Well done Louisie. I am so pleased that you have found success on this diet. You sound so positive and happy.

I think I felt very much like you before I started CD - I was sick of myself being so overweight and unable to do anything about it. I too didn't think it would work for me, but it has and has changed my life too.

I wish you every success for the rest of your CD journey and thanks so much for the post. x

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