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Just wondering....life after CWP

I am preparing myself for after xmas and was thinking of doing a low carb diet/Atkins, but also tempted with either SW or WW.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
Just wondering what everyone else moved onto diet wise after CWP?

Which diets do you plan on going on?
What diet plans have worked for you?

Atkins, low calorie, low carb, SW, WW???
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Rkmriddell said:
My plan is to move up the cambridge steps and then maintain with sw... sw just fits with my family and life so well x
Hi, yeah I'm going on 1500 over Xmas and then gonna get the last stone off which will take me to 10 stone and after working up the steps will then go onto another diet but not sure which one...was thinking of going library and have a look at the different diets and then pick one and if the book is good then buy it!! But no sure whether sw or ww would be a better option x
I think it very much depends on your lifestyle. I seen great results with ww but found the weighing etc a pain and would end up eating differently to hubby to try and stretch my points as far as I could. I didn't need to do that on sw and could even make some nice free cakes etc for when the mood took me x

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Am waiting to see where I've got to by Xmas to decide what plan I'm doing though. Would love to crack another stone but may be a push x

CD journey. -11.1, -3.5, -2.6, -2, -5.7, -
Yeah that's what I am trying to figure out with hubby and kids, I think any would be ok - tempted to do do ww or sw because they weigh u and you don't want to put any on when someone is weighing u lol - but think Atkins would be good too cos it watches ur carbs xx
So many to choose from - lol
Gizbok said:
So many to choose from - lol
Lol too true. Cd is a low gi plan once you move up the steps so it might be worth having a look at some recipes like that? Sw red days would be a low carb option too x

CD journey. -11.1, -3.5, -2.6, -2, -5.7, -
I'm going to do the steps before my holiday, and when i come back i will probably (still/again) have a bit to lose, so i'm going to do dietchef for that, as the thing that suits me so well with CD is not having to make choices about food. Once i'm at goal I shall be taking a two-pronged approach: psychotherapy to address my eating issues, and a low GL approach to eating (so work lunches might be a chicken salad rather than a sandwich).
Spangles my cdc said that that they are bring out a selection of ready meals - stored in cupboard xx they look fab x thought I'd let u know about that, so u can look into it x
cool - will look forward to seeing them, hopefully they'll make the steps less infuriating.