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Just wondering


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I am really curious about this, and I honestly don't want to insult anyone here as I know we all have weight problems but I would just like to know why we get to the weight we are before we do anything about it.
I have seen really large people and I so want to tell them to try and do something as I am so sure that they can't be happy.
Some people do, hence so many people doing SW and other diets, but why wait until you have several stones to lose before trying to shed them?
My mother was brilliant. She always was a healthy weight for her height, and she lectured me regularly. She weighed every week, and if she put on one pound she cut back. She could never understand why I let myself put on as much as I have done, and have to lose at least a couple of stone as it's so much easier to loose one pound than a stone!
She is probably why I have never got to three stone over weight, and I truly hate being even that, hence my SW journey.
I could never get really big, as I hate myself when I feel big, and I often wonder why anyone gets to, say 10 stone over weight. Surely people must feel awful at that weight so why wait so long before doing something about it?
Once again, I apologise as I don't want to offend anyone but would really be interested to know why people wait.
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I'm quite tall (5'10"). So weight has always been quite distributed for me. I've put on weight very very gradually, and because im so tall or a while i've thought I looked ok because of my height, I've always been relatively confident. For me it was after xmas when my fat jeans didnt fit anymore, that I realised id crept up to bigger than id ever been before and that it was time to do something about it!
But I've always been big, I dont think ive been slim since I was about 6!
So for me it was a mixture of the fact ive always been big, and very slowly getting bigger, and because im tall the weight doesnt really appear to me as big as my weight actually sounds. Hopefully this year I will reach goal, and be a healthy weight for the first time in my life I can remember! x
I think sometimes people bury their heads and try and ignore the problem and sometimes people dont have the self confidence to ask for help or even admit they have a weigh problem. I'm 2.5 stone overweight, when I joined SW I was a stone heavier than I expected to be, I ignored the fact I'd crept up 2 dress sizes and in my head I still looked a size 12 when in fact the reality was I looked nowhere near.

Not an answer just my thoughts xx


I am one of the 63336
I come from a family where putting on weight comes very easily BUT that's no excuse as being aware of it we should be aware that we have to watch what we eat and live with it.

For me it was comfort eating. Life wasn't good when I was growing up and bar the occasional good time, things have been more down than up. I just ate and bought bigger clothes when I needed them without actually thinking about it.
The reason I've done nothing about it until now is because of my boyfriend (and this is in the nicest possible way!)

As I've put on weight, he has continuously convinced me that I still look beautiful, and that I'm definitely not fat and he loves every single bit of me... so I started to think, as long as he loves me, it doesn't matter what I look like, surely?

But now, I'm really unhappy with the way I am so I need to stop kidding myself! :D
I think a part of it is denial and even depression. I was in denial and felt depressed at being 3 stone overweight. I can say that that the depression was my biggest factor when piling on the lbs. I lost 3stone to get pregnant then once I had my baby I was so busy, life got in the way and I got more down in the dumps and it became a circle. Although I longed to lose the weight the willpower and mental strength wasnt there until life got a bit easier.

I guess its these vicious circle's which people get into that make so many people end up seriously overweight. Its good to see that some people do have lightbulb moments be it photo's, their health or whatever that makes them realise they must break out of the circle.

I have upmost respect for larger people who take control of their weight for whatever reason and do something about it, it shows so much strength of character.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
everyone will have different reasons and i could sit and write a 10,000 word essay on reasons behind me ending up with 10 stone to lose. i hate my weight... but even when i didn't have a weight problem i had a negative body image. my weight disgusts me and i'm disgusted with myself for letting myself get that heavy, but at the same time i like myself and think i'm bloody amazing so i'm never too hard on myself! my weight doesn't define my existence and sometimes life gets in the way of being healthy and disciplined.

you'll probably find most overweight people have tried to do something about their weight - i couldn't even tell you the amount of diets, health kicks, exercise regimes, fads i have tried. i've been a SW member about 7 times since the age of 19.
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For me it was ignorance. When I was with my eldest daughters father, the weight shot on quite quickly but because some of my friends were big, it didn't really bother me. Then I fell pregnant and that seemed more important to me but once my daughter was born, I was bigger than I had ever been before.. so decided to do something about it.

I lost 3 stone in about 5months and then lost a further stone over the following years to come. Managed to get down to about 12stone and a size 16 and would fluctuate from there upto about 13stone. I always wanted to drop that extra stone but always got bored and fed up. This is where I hope slimming world will help. I haven't been happy for years and want to do it sooner rather than later. I would like to lose 2stone and I would be happy with that. Despite that, I am about 3stone over weight.


For me, my head was not in the right place, I knew how big I was but had no inclination to do anything about it.

My life for the past 5 years has been like a coronation street plot line and as a result I turned to food and i've eaten and been desperately unhappy.

About 10 weeks ago, suddenly something clicked in my head out of the blue and I knew I had to change my life for me.

So here I am 8 weeks after starting SW, feeling so much more confident about my future and more at peace with the last 5 years of my life.

2010 will be my year i'm sure of that, I cant waste another second of my life worrying about things that have happened I can only be confident about my future going forward.
I have been on a diet for most of my 20's....which has meant i have yo-yod up and down with my weight.

After my holiday to mexico in October and having 2 weeks of relaxing and sunning and eating and drinking everything, i decided to go to SW (i had joined before, but regained and some!) and face up to the fact I was a fatty! :D

I was 7 stone overweight and have so far lost just over 1 of those stones!

I am 31 now and really want to do this - for my health now, as i know the pressure i put on my joints every day!!!

I dont think until I went to the doctors a few months before the holiday and she did my BMI i had really thought about the implications on my health - she was saying i could have a stroke etc....i was mortified.

So i thought - lets have our holiday and get back and do something!

my bf is also having healthier meals and has lost weight too - which is good, as he wasnt comfortable before.

Great post by the way! x
I think many overweight people have tried to do something but failed. I've spent most of my life on and off diets but I've always done it by calorie counting or healthy eating on my own. I'd lose a stone, plateau out and give up because I felt so deprived. SW is the first diet that I've done that doesn't feel like a diet. As long as I follow the rules I can eat many, varied meals. If I'm hungry I can eat without guilt. If my weight loss does slow down, I think what's the point in stopping as I'm eating so well anyway. After a while, my weight loss continues and I've lost almost 2 and a half stone now.

Most people try to lose weight by starving and depriving themselves so they are just set up for failure. Some people can lose weight successfuly this way but many probably put it all back on afterwards. On top of all this our society makes it so hard to avoid all the very tempting bad foods. You go anywhere now and you're bombarded with so many places selling cakes, burgers, chips etc. It's just too easy to eat badly.
Mine was quite simply the fact that I was never full. It didnt matter what I ate, I would want more after to the point of gorging! This happened even when I was following the SW plan the first time around, until I decided on a band.
Now I eat the portions that I should be, even on the SW plan and Im still loosing weight!
I don't have masses to lose (3 stone is masses to me but might seem insignificant to others) but I have left it this long to start dieting because the extra weight never really affected my life much. In all honesty I didn't really care.

Then I went to the doctors to get the contraceptive pill to help regulate my periods and I was told my blood pressure was "a little bit too high but you might just be stressed" and when I am only 20 and having blood pressure issues that was kinda my kick for losing the weight.

Mine was quite simply the fact that I was never full. It didnt matter what I ate, I would want more after to the point of gorging! This happened even when I was following the SW plan the first time around, until I decided on a band.
Now I eat the portions that I should be, even on the SW plan and Im still loosing weight!
This worries me also.
If I gain a few lbs I can't just cut back because I am genuinely hungry most of the time.
Unless I am super careful with what the food is I eat plenty of, I soon gain.


Just doing it this time
I have always HATED being fat - and I'm not excessively overweight - my good friend who is probably - at least - 2 stones heavier than I was before I started back at SW this time is VERY HAPPY the weight she is - her hubby idolises her and she;'s very chirpy and happy the way she is - she has tried dieting but said that she feels miserable every moment she has to watch what she is eating so very quickly starts to eat what she enjoys and consequently regains the weight and has gained more over the last couple of years.

IF I could stay the way I am now (size 14 & about 11 stones'ish) I would be very happy with how I am. However, IF I didn't follow SW I would quite simply start to OVEREAT again and within a very few short weeks would be back to 13.5 stones again.

I know that I have to watch what I eat for all of my life - especially as before losing this 2 stones (this time) - I was close to being prediabetic and so I have that in my mind all the time too.

Heres to us all for being a slimmer and healthier new 'us's' ...................
I put a LOT of weight on in my late teens. I was so unhappy and my weight went on so quickly I didnt notice it, I was in a bad relationship, had no family and ate my way through life. By the end of two years my relationship fell apart and I didnt have the money to eat and had to walk to work so my weight literally fell off. While still size 16/18 I met a lovely man who was amazing, gave me the love I needed and didnt mind my size (so I stayed that way). It was only after having my little girl who is now 16 months old that I looked in the mirror and saw for the first time how big I had got and really felt sad about the way I looked not about life. So I went to slimming world, lost over a stone fell off the wagon, got back on recently and lost another half stone. I think my weight will always be a battle and my own nemesis. I wouldnt want anyone else telling me to go on a diet though i dont think its anyone else place.
I`ve always had issues with my weight ... But on both ends of the scale.

I was tiny stick thin as a child .. in my teens i started putting on weight as went through puberty ... I hated how my body was changing so starved myself and was anorexic .... I also had a lot of issues at home (abuse) ... so food and my weight became the only thing i had control over .. I started making myself sick too .. and went down to just under 7 stone ....... !!

After finally getting a bit of help i then ended up in a violent relationship .. couldn`t go out, couldn`t dress up, incase other men "looked" at me ... So ended up stuffing my face for comfort .. apart from going to work, food was my only other friend ... and so the weight piled on ..... Then i had the self loathing of how i looked, so went anorexic again ... all the weight fell off ... and i left the violent guy after 7 years.... and was about 8 stone.

Met my wonderful hubby ... got preggers and had hip problems ... ended up on crutches for 6 months, but kept eating and got to my biggest ever (15 1/2 st) ... But i`d had a baby and didn`t care.

When my bubs was about a year old i caught sight of myself in a mirror and freaked .... did the starvation thing again ... and lost 4 stone pretty fast ... but just couldn`t move from 11.5 thats when i joined SW first time round ... and gained !!! lol ... got my money back after 4 weeks .. but i wasn`t eating anywhere near enough (still in anorexic mode) .... Then i joined again in Ocober of this year, i`m in a lot better place mentally now, and my relationship with food has changed.

I`m under no illusions that my weight will fluctuate .. and i have to be careful that i don`t fixate on getting too thin, as well as fixtaing on being "too big" .... !!

At 13 st i knew i was big, at 15 stone i was mortified, but i was pregnant, and immobile, so there wasn`t a lot i could do about it .... I suppose every ones circumstances are different :)

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