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Karenlou's JUDDDD diary :-)

Ok, rather than hijacking someone else's thread, I'll start my own :eek:

I've done JUDDDD before and had good results but struggled to stick to DDs; we eat out a lot so this could be a good plan for me if I can get DDs under control so giving it another try.

Had my first DD yesterday and came in at 480 calories:

Alpen light bar - 60 cals
Vegetarian sushi - 200 cals
Raspberries and yogurt - 100 cals
Pickled beetroot - 40 cals
Fruit and jelly - 80 cals

Up day today - thought I would be really hungry but I'm not. Had a couple of cheese strings when I got up and might treat myself to a veggie burger at lunch time. I've heard that the trick of up days is that, because you can eat anything you like, you tend not to be too bothered. All the things I was fantasising about eating yesterday I could have today but I don't really want them.

All in all, a good start.
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Good luck Karen! I might be joining you next week, will wait til kids are back at school and planning on sticking to my current plan this week 100%! Did not have a very good August, so need a kick up the backside and get done lol! Are you counting your calories on your ud's this time or not? Read on the other thread you didn't last time. Jelly is a great idea to have on a dd, seems so much of it for so few cals!! Will be reading your progress with great interest this week!
Hi there. No I won't count cals on an up day unless I hit a plateau. I didn't seem to need it last time.

I'm enjoying my up day today but planning well for tomorrow too :)

Look forward to seeing you join us on here next week stirky x
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Must be easier not to have to count them on up days, I suppose tho if you eat sensibly you'll be eating around 2000 cals anyway. I think I'd find it quite hard to eat that many lol as been used to having 1340 max on slimfast. Even if I have a binge day I'm not usually much over 2000. Eating sensibly and planning your days must be key on this plan, looking forward to giving it a whirl! x
Well here I am on my second DD. Only had hot water so far and it's 11.30. Think I'm going to have an Alpen Light bar (60 cals) and a peppermint tea shortly. I'm making pepper, onion and tomato soup for tea tonght so that will be low cal - just need to check the cals on a pepper and half an onion.

I'm quite hungry today but I need to expect that and learn to deal with it. I really enjoyed not having to worry about what I put in my mouth yesterday so I need to remember that, which should make the DDs worth the effort :)

Tomorrow will be a medium day as I'm going out on Friday to pizza express so want to do a switch but don't want two UDs in a row. Will follow Slimming World principles tomorrow. Then Friday as UD, Saturday DD etc etc.

I will have my first WI on Friday. I will only have been judddding for four days by then but I don't want to change my WI day. I have a party to go to in four weeks on Friday and also Christmas day is on a Friday this year too.

I have a Monsoon voucher for £90 which I thought I'd save to buy a nice outfit for Christmas. Sixteen weeks on Friday. I'm a size 20 at the moment in Monsoon clothes so would like to be able to buy something nice in a 16 by then.


Wants to do this!
Looking forward to hear how you get on with weigh day on Friday. Also like your plan for coping with your night out.
Hi there. Had my first weigh in and I lost 4lbs :)


Ended up having two UDs in a row, rather than one up and one medium but I really enjoyed them. Back on track for a DD tomorrow - and quite looking forward to it actually - and will weigh in Saturday next week as Dr J recommends that you don't weigh in after an up day so I will alternate Fridays and Saturdays I think.

Planned food for tomorrow:
- 2 Alpen Light bars (one for breakfast, one for lunch) - 120 cals
- soup and bread for dinner - 150 cals

This leaves some spare for fruit and sugar free jelly in the evening which is my munchy time.

Sunday will be UD and I'm off the the cinema to see District 9 - and I can have popcorn! Hooray!
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Well done Karen! Woo-hoo! :happy096: 4lb loss is excellent! I'm also alternating between Fri and Sat weigh ins whilst I'm on JUDDD.

Glad it's going so well for you, keep it up girl!
Thanks guys. It's suiting me so far but it's early days so we'll see how it goes. I am loving the up days :D and the down days are ok so far.

DD today and so far I've just had peppermint tea and a little bite of Keith's chocolate (oops - but it was only a tiny bite).

I'm going to have a long bath this afternoon while Keith's at the football so that should keep me out of the fridge :)
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Good luck Karen, I'm on an up day today, but down tomorrow so will see how that goes with everybody home!
Hi miss jelly tot - love the avatar!

DD today. Stupidly went to bed hungry last night which was not necessary as it was an up day but I couldn't be bothered to get anything to eat.

Woke up STARVING this morning, which is really unusual for me regardless of whether it's a DD or an UD. Anyway, had an Options for 40 cals and that seemed to do the trick.

Salad for lunch and soup planned for tea and a sugar free jelly for pud.

Seems to be going well so far and it's great to see how much this forum has livened up :D

Go JUDDDDers, go!
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Lol you're as bad as me Karen, I've done that before on slimfast, been hungry, had cals left for the day, but just couldn't be bothered lol!

Glad all is going well, yes our juddd tribe is getting big which is great! Lots of motivation for us all, and it seems like you're the only one with the book so we'll be asking you all the questions lol!!! Was looking at some books on e-bay the other day but all in the US, but may have to get one.
Have a look on Amazon, I think I got mine for a penny on there second hand. To be honest, you don't need the book to do the diet but a lot of the background science is in there and that's useful for debunking any myths or criticisms.
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Yes looked on amazon but they didn't have any in stopck when I looked. I may not bother now I'm actually doing it, seems to be enough info on the diet on teh internet anyway for me for now. Was just considering getting it while I was still thinking about doing it lol. Hey I can just ask you anyhow, hehehee!!!

I'm loving the fact that on up days I can be really sensible and I'm really not that hungry anyway! Was just wondering, do they suggest on up days that you have to eat a certain amount of cals. Was just a bit worried that if I don't eat my 2200 that it may effect the diet??? I really thought I'd have the problem the other way eating too many lol! It's just after slimfast that is a lot lol, have eaten that many on my uds so far tho, just have to plan right.
No, they suggest you don't count cals at all on an up day - that way you don't feel like you're "on a diet" on those days. Apparently, if you are not losing, they suggest it's more due to "slipping" on your down days that eating wrongly on your up days.

I would say that, as long as you are eating what you want when you want you will be fine on your up days. Just don't go hungry.
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Thats interesting Karen thanks. Stirky I looked on ebay but the book was £13.99 plus p&p! Think I may ask for it as an xmas present. Then again by then we should all be experts
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Thanks for that Karen, lol I just get obsessive with the calorie counting hehehe!


The mother flippin'
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Hey Karen, well done on the 4lbs! :) Sounds like an interesting diet. How many calories should you be having on a down day?

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