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Karen's A Culinary Adventure~~Cruise

Good Day All...this is officially day #2 and from the look of things this AM 2 lbs off the old bod.
Today first course was coffee.
My breakfast / Lunch which is normal for me, was an exquisite Galette and infused turkey cutlets. Galette of egg whites whipped to perfection, and 3/4 T oatbran, 2t of FF goat yogurt & fresh herbs including garlic chives. By whipping the whites it creates a rather high and light effect. The turkey was infused with garlic powder a dash of Low Sodium soy sauce.

As a mental note to me use the Infuser on the Foodsaver.

Snack and 2nd Galette later today. Fresh roasted turkey sandwich meat with herbs and FF cheese. Also adding Sublingual B-12 which seem to really help the psyche LOL
Those turkey cutlets I would feed to anyone...oh what they would have tasted like with some dry roasted mushrooms...can not wait till I can add mushrooms. If anyone is reading this....can I have tiny maui onions that we skewer and grill???
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Had an extremely rough day yesterday fatigued. Crossing fingers today, seems to hit mid afternoon. Either Friday or Sat will be last day on attack. I did eat out with the husband last night and all went well. We went for bbq and was fine had sliced smoke meat. Low salt. They know us, business been around since '58. All were very supportive and owner/employees wished me well. Husband and friends are giving really good support. Encouragement. This am added some organic beef jerkey to the gallete...OMG popped the flavor up. Just not a yogurt person or soft cheese eater..so really ready for some vegetables on the menu. Dreaming of Brussels Sprouts LOL

Note to self also add orange zest to turkey while marinading.
With all that cabbage don't ya know we would be fun to be around :8855::8855::8855:

It is for food or whatever storage, it removes all the air with bags or mason jars. But it also has a plastic tub that came with it that you can place meats in and will remove the air thus forcing what ever they are seasoned or marinaded in deep into the meat. Also has a wine bottle attachment....oh do I miss my nightly red wine...

FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealers, Bags and Accessories


Goat herder(ess)
I'm a perfect lady, Karen. I never do anything untoward with cabbages and sprouts. I always smell of roses, me. ;):D

What a fascinating way of using that gadget. I've heard of similar things but never even considered infusing and drying food in such a way. Sounds really good!
dukandebut hahahaah love it...

Yesterday was a mess.....sleep wise... Would someone please inform the royal family that next time they have a wedding to please consult with me first...I had 2 hours of sleep.:silly::silly::silly:

I did not get a walk but did one 45 min earlier and another later today. Felt really bad. Start Cruise tomorrow.

Have a host of recipe ideas, frustrated chef as it is. I love to cook & entertain. Wait till I perfect the perfect vegetable crust pizza. We are working on that one now. For luncheons I have made over the years zucchini lined quiche cups. Incredible :D:D

Not really felling hungry like I did the first few days, guess the stomach is shrinking. Good!! Energy is very strong. Emotional support is really good all around. Need to get that ticker below moving.
Here is another note I noticed that a morning start weight and then adding food and water bounces me all over the place. But good news is that I've noticed that late in the day my weight is back to first weight of the day. That is a good sign seem we are trending in the right direction.


Goat herder(ess)
Karen - I can't believe how many of you in the US got up at silly o'clock in the morning to watch the royal wedding! :)

Definitely post any of those fab recipes you come up with so we can give them a try.

Same goes for you, Floribunda. :)

Karen A

Full Member
Silly O'Clock is extremely accurate...but you have no idea how many did. I don't know if I can share this link but I will try it is a guide to for husbands whose's wifes were planning to watch... I laughed my myself silly.
A survival guide for royal wedding widowers - TODAY People - The Royals - TODAY.com
This guy really nailed it!!!!!

Ok Floribunda Lets Cook !!!!!!!!!

Here is my thought for adding flavor today. FF Cream cheese with garlic & herbs whipped with a little yogurt to lighten up the texture. Planning on keeping this on hand for adding to stuff. I think that would improve the texture to soft instead of the rather stiff rubberie stuff...... Remember all of our dairy in the US is pasteurized.

Good news for self today got on the scales after a weekend of all eating out and maintained the 165.....that might have been 164 due to the glass of water I had prior to getting on the scale.
Breakfast was egg whites, Oatbran, dill, dried salmon cheeks with a little cheese. A turkey cutlet rubbed with sage, allspice, cinnamon and Brown sugar Splenda. I was craving sausage. Seared it really well good caramelization on the pan and added some water and further infused the turkey. Very tasty and quite satisfying.
All-in-all I survived the weekend and passed on bread and sweets, feeling really good and trying to stay satisfied.

Just left the market, dinner tomorrow night is a bison cutlet dusted lightly with cornstarch it is a thinking agent here in the states. But will also act well as a protective agent for the meat.
Plan on browning the mushrooms well and sautéing onions. Possibly reducing with a 1/4 brandy. Adding back the cutlets, and simmering for a few with some stock & yogurt. Brussels sprouts......on the side for me:D:D:D
Tonight I will season the meat and let it infuse with some W/B Pepper, Dash of Cayenne, Paprika, garlic powder. This may sound strong but it really is good when it all comes together. The cutlets are quite lean. Will finish with a minor dusting on fresh nutmeg.
FF.Calories in Bison | Nutrition Facts and Information
Tonight is red trout.
Got to run....


Goat herder(ess)
A bison cutlet? Wow! :)

Thanks for the link. Very interesting to read the viewpoint from the other side of the Atlantic. I think that many men over here were very probably thinking along the same lines as that writer. ;-)


** Chief WITCH **
careful on the cornstarch. Banned on attack, and only one tablespoon per day (tolerated item, only to be used if weight loss satisfactory). It's highish carb (better than flour though!)...

Your ideas are fabulous. The mere thought of Brown sugar Splenda had me dribbling over my keyboard! 1/4 brandy (that's what quantity?) I'm thinking you're in cruise so, again, a tolerated item. Careful with those, cos they could add up!

Karen A

Full Member
I broke the barrier..... drum roll this AM on the scales 164.4
Is a pound or two a week a good weight loss??? We are in no rush, I just want to get the body accustomed to a new weigh gradually. Advise???

Ohhhhhhh that does sound good. For years we whipped up Low Fat Mayonnaise added a couple of T of wasabi powder and brushed the top of fish & broil. Their is something magical.......TY for that one.
Been really really busy this week. But I'm managing with dining out and eating well.

On the subject of "The Girls", I can tell that my "DD" cup size in shrinking....YEA I have always been a nice "C" cup. This is good news. Face is thinning and waist is appearing hahaha, the waist is down 2". I had my weigh wrong, I was actually starting at 171. That might even have been closer to 172...

Delicious.... By now some of you may know I'm not a huge yogurt consumer. But I've found myself sinking late afternoon.

Answer = smoothie
3T FF Yogurt Goat, in US this is more tangy
FF Milk 1/2 C
Oat Germ
Water Flavoring. We have this here in the US. I used a small amount of the strawberry, banana, orange. Processed in the blender till silken.
They are really good and filling.

Love the water flavoring...they are completely "0" on everything..just enjoy. This brand is called Crystal Light, you can buy in a small can and inside are small tubs, we keep one open on the counter to add as needed.
I have not had a soft drink since 1978 by choice, and not really a huge sweet person so this is nice. We also add water flavoring to something like Perrier as a "Cocktail" refreshing. Now my friends tell me to add a little rum to that...but not now... several months down the road...
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Karen A

Full Member
Maintaining the 164.00 even with out waking. Cut my foot pretty bad. Husband is funny called me and said so tonight is your No Veg night?? Yes, Ok then get us a tenderloin and I'll have a sweet potato with mine. Sweet....he is even keeping up with my PP PV days. The reason he mentioned Tenderloin he want me to feel really special on PP days. I'm really glad no Yo Yoing with the opening weight in the AM. This is a good way to get stabilized weight.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Karen, hope the foot gets better soon!

Smoothie looks good but are you using Oat BRAN or Oat GERM? Two quite different things and on this diet you're supposed to have Oat BRAN only - not germ as you typed in the recipe.

Brilliant idea though, I might give that a try (I don't have access to flavouring like yours, but I am allowed to have fruit again...)

Karen A

Full Member
Good catch Anja. I meant Oak Germ. I will get that corrected. Drink them everyday, they seem to pick me up and carry me through that late afternoon period. Weird as this sounds you would never know it was FF. Anja I've heard that a lot of people order Crystal Light off of the American site of Ebay, and ship to England. That is the water flavoring product. I also add it to Perrier for an afternoon Cocktail. If you order their are some that are better than others.

Again Thank You and WOW you are in inspiration!!!!!!!

Today .... 163


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ha Karen that's funny - I HATE sharing 'my' food when I've made it especially for me because I can't have what the others are having - do you make a second galette for your Parrot:)? My kids (re-)discovered that they like eggs and after my 3-year old stole most of my egg off my plate for the umpteenth time I now make one for her at the same time :D


** Chief WITCH **
I HATE sharing 'my' food when I've made it especially for me because I can't have what the others are having
Ditto... I defend "my food" with vigour!


grammar police
Me three! also, it used to be when we cooked dinner i'd offer oh the larger chicken breast or whatever, now i claim it as my own, protesting - but you can have carbs with yours!


** Chief WITCH **
Me too... largest muffins are mine too ;) nicest fried egg;

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