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// Karmacoma's Diary ~ 10 Stone to lose!! //


Newbie here, and I'm so eager and excited about this new lease of life I have and to see the weight come off!!!

Today is my first proper day of the SW plan and so far so good!

I work Monday - Friday in an office and I have my food drawer filled with free food or virtually free food like snack a jacks, ryvita, beans, chick peas [mmmm] pasta, rice, [green days mostly for me!]... and I have a lovely bowl of fruit staring at me which I can pick at all day. Also water cooler which I fill up my 2l bottle with, and I wont go home until it's I've drank it all!

This site is amazing, and today i've done virtually no work, just been browsing everyones stories and it's great!! Really positive... [thank goodniss my boss is away in New York at the moment!!]

I have quite a bit of weight to lose [10 stone] so I'm going to keep this diary on how I get on, I think it will help me lots and If I get stuck or have a bad day, I know where to come!!

Everyone is so positive on here, it's great!
Now to set my mini goals .....

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good luck on your journey - its a great plan
I am sort of abandoning ww and thinking of jumping on the sw waggon as it comes past :)
will be following your journey with interest
good luck
good luck with your sw journey x
Thanks guys!!

Well I completed day 1, not even a fizzy juice in sight [downfall] :D

My boyfriend and I both love to cook so decided to have quorn meatballs & spaghetti, what a disaster.... after taking about 30 minutes to get the quorn into wee balls, put them in the oven and after 10 minutes it was a pile of mush! Never fear, we ate them anyway and it was yummy. Also made the cous cous cake thing. Delicious!!

Day 2 and my boss is still away, so today I will be mostly looking at recepies at work and planning my week =]
Another day down and I still feel great!!!
Yesterday was good for me 10 out of 10 YAY!

Today at work we have some Norwegians over - I work for an oil company - and we have a HUGE Marks & Spencer lunch organised, with sausage rolls and pork pies and other M&S goodniss but none of that for me today! I have my head focused and took in last nights butternut squash risotto!
Normally when the Norwegians are over I'm picking at the party food all day but I'm so determined not to. I'm the only girl here so I might even make my excuses and go out for a walk at lunch :D
Well done, hope today goes ok for you. You seem very positive, keep it up.
Happy Friday 18th September 2009!
Uh ohh everyone at work has placed an order for the Thai Van at lunchtime. Baddies :D
I just looked at my fruit bowl and declined the offer of Thai politley, batchelors pasta and sauce and a frozen mullerlight for me!
I'm pretty tired today though, had a bad nights sleep. Want early night but it's my boyfriends birthday today so I need to keep him entertained!!! We will probably head into town but I will be driving so no alcohol. Day 3 was super, again. I'm loving this!
quorn meat balls - buy them ready made they hold together well

you are sounding so positive
my journey starts tomorrow and today I have been cooking Free on green shepherds pie for tomorrow :):)
Good luck tomorrow Aaleigha :D

Well the weekend so far has been great!!
Well, 100% sin free apart from a Lamb Korma & rice on Friday, it was my boyfriends birthday. But I didnt eat the lamb. Anyway yesterday was good, back on track, lots of water and mash & beans for dinner.

Did a photoshoot in an abandoned mansion, was a bit of a treck to get to, about 30 minute walk through field of sheep and over a fence, felt good!

Now off to Adsa to get filled up on free food. B'f has left me his bank card how generous of him hehe =]

I've not had any alcohol since I've started SW. Which is soooo good for me.... we used to have a fridge full of beer and I would help myself to one or three when I came home from work. Now I don't even have cravings for the stuff, realised it's about 9 sins for a Cobra ehhhh no thank you!!!
I got weighed today!!!
Down...... 18 lbs :D
I didn't even know that was possible.

But to be honest, i've stuck to my SW 100% this week.
Wanted to make sure I could do it.
Ate copious amounts of fruit & Veg, drank at least 2ltr water a day, NO alcohol [downside], no crisps, 30 minute daily walk....
And it's paid off! I couldnt believe it when I stood on the scales this morning YAYYYYYYY happy Laura.

I had printed off that christmas tree thing and stuck it on the wall in my office, lose a stone by christmas. But then I changed it to lose 2 stone. Now most of the bobbles are coloured in!

Anyway, I was told in the first week you do lose more than normal, plus I've totally changed the way I eat , etc. I'm in shock!! Happy shocked!
OMG I never knew it was possible either - that is one amazing weigh in
you will be back on soon telling us all you have lost a clothes size

well done I think its fantastic

My day one went well and today so far so good
Thank you!! I'm sooo excited.
I even went on the scales at lunchtime today to double check :D
Lost a clothes size, I wish! I think once I start to see and feel the weight come off I will be happy more!!

Today I'm stuffed already & Had 2 syns.
Tonight I have syn free chips, beans and quorn sausages I think. Something easy!
I had to come back to re read the loss - suddenly thought you might have put eight but no you HAVE put 18 still stunned but SO pleased for you
like the way you had to check too :):)
also, sorry what is this christmas tree thing you printed off please?, sounds good, I wouldn't mind having a go too, makes a good aim for christmas :) x
It's the "stone by christmas" tree!
File is attached [hoepfully]. .. just open it, right click and save to your desktop then print.

Basically for each 1lb you lose, you colour in the bobbles!

I've changed my one to 2 stone now :D
Workboys are coming into my office "Christmas tree already?" ... err yeah. Go away! Hehe


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