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Kat Von DIET

Right, gonna start this blogging idea. So this first one will be a big'un!

I've always gone up and down in weight ever since I had a problem when I was 16. My brother teased me about my weight for the entire 15 years we lived in the same house and at 16 I decided that eating nothing but diet coke, weedy pills and sugar free jelly was the way forward, I got down to 9st 10lbs, and at a large framed 5'10 I looked a bit gross! Since then I've yo-yo'd between 13 and 17stone.

I'm finally in a place where I'm happy with work/home and love. My boyfriend wouldn't change me and that feels amazing.

Happiness brings comfort though and I think I hit the heaviest I've ever been. (it doesnt help that hes a buff retired pro ice skater that loves to cook rich food and never puts on an ounce!!) I've decided to do it right this time, 2lbs a week with a healthy goal of 170lbs.
I'm nit joining a class or following a specific plan, I'm keeping a daily food diary on my net diary on my iPhone, my goal date is September first, keeping to 1430 kcal a day, watching my fat and carbs are under control, drinking 2litres of water a day and getting some regular exercise.
Been forcing my fella to take me ice skating, but so far I'm still using him as a balance-barrier, I'm rubbish!! It's good fun though and it knackers me out!

I'm a very tattooed lady, it's my job and I love my tattoos but sometimes because of my size I feel a bit butch, come September I'm hoping to give Kat Von D a run for her money!! :)

The hardest part is gonna be not becoming obsessed and beating myself up when progress slows, in ten days I've lost ten pounds, I know it won't continue like that though, but this time I'm gonna trudge on! This time I'm giving myself a treat day, which I've never allowed myself before. Saturday night till Sunday night, so I still get weekly treat of wine and roast dinner :)

Been thinking about asking my doc for xenical, but I don't want to become reliant on them so I'm gonna see how I get on in the first month or so.

Fingers crossed, and watch this space!
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I too am a yo-yoing tattooed lady determined to do it this time!!! :D

Good luck on your journey
Well, not ben great the last few days, friends visiting, eating out etc. Ice tried to be good, soups and salads mostly but had a cheeky hop on scales and put on .3 of a pound. Hardly massive failure but my official weigh-day is tomorrow and was hoping to go for 3/4 lbs loss, I can't see me doing that in one day! Especially when my job requires me to sit perfectly still!


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I understand your frustration, it's miserable whe you've been trying and nothing happens, but you shouldn't hope for miracles all at once, you've started changing your habits for the better and that's the main thing! You'll start seeing differences soon, no worries.
Soups are a life saver! You should try veg and lentil. I made a carrot, pepper and red lentil one with some chicken stock cubes in the other day and it was lush and really filling for relatively few calories. By having low cal breakfast and lunch it means you can have a normal dinner.
Also, low-cal snacks for when you need a sugar hit could be party rings - they're under 30 cals a biscuit which is great, mini-milk icecreams are 30 cals a bar.

Best wishes!
Delighted :) I didn't think I'd done so great this week, only expected a pound at most, with a 9 lb loss the first week. But very pleased to hope on an see I've lost

3 lbs in week 2 :)

Just came down stairs and my boyfriends 5yr old son just said I looked really nice, bless him!! He's a sweetie, I'm in a good mood today :) :) :)

Week 1: lost 9 lb
Week 2: lost 3 lb (total loss- 12lbs)

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Wow!! Well done! That's a great loss, especially for the second week, well done!
Just keep doing what you're doing, it's deffinitely working!
Hope you have a good weekend.


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Bloody hell, well done! That's an amazing loss in such a short amount of time!
Keep doing what you're doing :)
Thanks :) I'm really not feeling it today though, I'd kill for an English! Not going to, just gonna sit here and sip my ever-exciting, never-ending water :/

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Aw! Go crazy, splash out on some squash, lol.
whole grain toast and low fat pate is about 110 cals a slice...that's sort of like...ok...no...sorry, lol.
Grilled bacon with the fat rimmed off, scrambled eggs and cooked tomato wouldn't be so bad...

Good luck.
Put those 2lb back in the next day!, got rid of them through the week and kept them off for the last few days (225) been living mostly on veg, finding new and interesting ways to have them, weigh in officially tomorrow morning, weathers been miserable this week so haven't got as much walking in as I'd like.
Been a bit lazy with my water too but haven been drinking alcohol. Went to a Thai restaurant Monday, had chilli garlic prawns with steamed rice, seemed the healthier thing on the menu from what I could see. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I'd be over the moon if the scales read 224 :) xx

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Actually it was 3 lb off last week, but after a fancy restaurant night and a few hours blowing off steam in a casino ad a little salsa dancing, I woke up the next morning 222!! That's 6 lb this week!! Granted it's probably because I was dehydrated but still, that cheered me up.
Had the BEST weekend, beat the house at the casino, won £120 on the football, had a romantic dinner with my gorgeous boyfriend and spent all Sunday just relaxing together. I'm in my happy place!! Xx

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Put a load under the grill? pref mediterranean type veg, with some paprika, oragano, black pepper and half a crushed veg stock cube, drizzle a tiny bit of light mild olive out and mix it all up, stick it under the grill and presto, it's delish. Otherwise, I'm the same, soups and stirfrys all the way x

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Congrats on doing so well!
Your weekend sounds pretty damn good too! Nice one.
That med veg sounds lush, might have to try it.
Hope you have a good weekend.

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