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Kates wedding countdown food diary

I'm getting married in August so I'm really focused this time. I've done sw and weight watchers before but thoutht sw was better. Thought I'd put my food diary on here as I'm doing it by myself so if anyone notices anything that I may not have calculated wrong please let me know! So glad I found this site as it looks like it will be a lot of support!
So here goes:

Yesterday 7/1/13

BREAKFAST-shreddies with milk (HEX's)

LUNCH-spaghetti hoops and new potatoes, won't be having this again! It was just something I threw together quickly. (Free) Packet of French frie crisps (4 syns) kit Kat (5.5 syns, and worth it) and some fruit.

TEA- Baked pesto cod with garlic mash, courgettes, carrots and peas (free) This was delicious and very filling!

I think my first day went ok but could have made better choices for my lunch!

Today 9/1/13

BREAKFAST- 2 eggs, beans, mushrooms and 1 potato waffle (3 syns)

MORNING SNACK-Alpen coconut cereal bar, this was a mistake didn't look at the packets properly. Realised they weren't light once I'd eaten them so will be donating them to my fiancé (6syns, really nice but Would rather have spent my syns on chocolate!)

LUNCH-2 chicken legs (all fat removed) and 1/2 pack of cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce (3 syns)

TEA- Spag Bol. Homemade with lean mince and lots of veg and pasta (free)

If I've made any mistakes please let me know cos I want to get it right :) I'm going to try and post my diary everyday as I think it might help me stay on track! Come and say hello, it would be nice to hear from people who are going through this too :) xx
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Little bit of an addition to today...I was in the needs or something sweet and discovered the recipe for syn free pancakes! Did just the job! Yummy and filling. I have a feeling me and syn free pancakes are going to become firm friends over the next few months! X
lol you got todays date wrong , its the 8th lol dont worry im sure everyone will point out stuff and keep you right, Good luck on your weight loss journey and congratulations on your wedding:bestwishes: xx:D
lol yeah i get confused too, its easy done. i was the same last week starting back to work after the xmas. i was back wed and for 2 days i was behind lol awww im sure you will do great and hey il keep looking to check up and see how your doing. I started mine last friday and so far im been good lol Just think of that lovely wedding dress and how proud your hubby to be will be and you can be dam well proud of yourself too. if you have an off day start again tomorrow lol x
So this is the rest of my day-

MID MORNING SNACK- pink n white 2.5 syns and some melon

LUNCH-pasta with laughing cow cheese triangles melted into it with lots of pepper. This was an experiment and it turned out great! (HEXB)
Milky bar 12g 3.5 syns

AFTERNOON SNACK- fromage frais and fruit 1.5 syns

TEA- mushy pea curry with rice (free) Was really worried about this being disgusting but it's true what everyone says, it's very tasty! I couldn't even tell there was a tin of mushy peas in it!

That's it, day 3 done!

Is it bad that all I am thinking about is food at the moment!? I've been planning menus all day...maybe thats why. Or maybe its just because I am determined this time. I dont know...hmmmph!

Rest of todays diary to come later x
lol nope its not bad to think of food... if i told you i think of food all day too would that make you feel better lol only reason i do is because im a chef lol and cook every day, hard to switch off sometimes. I just did my SW menu for tomorrow lol chicken korma SW style :D keep up the good work xx
yes it is kate. Sounds really yummy, made the fanta chicken last friday and thats nice too. Also diet coke chicken lol x
Today has been an absolute disaster! I've been at work and been so bored I've been picking at really bad stuff (although I didn't realise at the time how bad it actually was until I checked it when I got home) I've managed to eat myself through 43 syns today, I'm really angry at myself! I didn't eat in excess and that's what makes me realise how some things are just not good for us! So the things I nibbled on was mini cheddar crinkles,peanuts, and cocktail sausages (I work with kids!) didn't feel that bad when I put it in my mouth! Oh well I have learnt and there will be no more syns for me this week if I can help it!

Anyway, here's the good stuff I've eaten!

BREAKFAST- Shreddies and milk, banana

LUNCH-Tuna Pasta, melon, apple, clementine

TEA-SW burger and chips

Tomorrow is a new day! X
I'm off to work in a min so hopefully we won't have the same problem as yesterday. I've been pretty good today! Here's what I've had and will be having.

BREAKFAST-Shreddies and milk (HEXAB)

LUNCH-Jacket potato and beans (FREE)

TEA-Leftover chilli and rice, apple, banana, melon and clementine (FREE)

Hopefully I won't have had any syns by the end of the day! I want to stay 100% on track!

awww kate . hey its not so bad having a bad day. we all have them.. You say you work with kids. So do i lol am the nursery cook. I am sure you will do good and stay one track. I used be 16st . now im 13 st :( but with support and encouragement we can do it. Am here if you need a diet buddy . We shall go to the ball cinders lol even if we have off days. Its good to have support and encouragment :D x
Thanks for the lovely message Linz! Makes me feel a lot better!

So I had a bad end to the week and have decided not to weigh myself until Friday. My great uncle who I am very close to was taken into hospital seriously ill. So slimming world went right out the window and it was comfort food in! He's still in hospital and there has been no change butI've had a few days for it all to sink in I am going to try again.


BREAKFAST-Syn free pancakes with lemon and sweetener. Alpen light bar (HEX) Banana

LUNCH-Jacket potato, beans and cheese(HEX)

SNACK-French fries (4.5)

Not sure what it will be for tea but I'm determined to stay on track!
I haven't posted for a few days as I've been really bad! I've decided I'm going to write it all down on here anyway...who knows it might help me knowing that other people might see it. It's easier to hide it from yourself when you write it in a book and keep it a secret in your bedside table! Lol


BREAKFAST-egg, mushrooms, beans, waffle (3)

SNACK- alpen light (hex)

LUNCH- pasta bolognaise (free) cheese (hex)

SNACK- fruit, French fries (4.5), alpen light (hex)

Wasn't doing too bad up to this point....then went to see my uncle in hospital. On the way back me and my fiancé decided to go to TGIs as it was late and we were feeling a bit down...not exactly the best choice. I could have chosen chicken and salad but instead I had a starter then chose ribs! Silly girl! Anyway syns went through the roof, probably had about 2 weeks worth in that place!!


BREAKFAST- Shreddies and milk (hex's)

LUNCH- chilli and rice

TEA- chilli and rice (again, it was yummy!), cadburys fudge (6) French fries (4.5)

SNACKS- fruit, 3 x malteasers (1.5) 5 x cream crackers (7.5...picking at work...grrrrr!)

Was doing well again until I went to work...19.5 syns used...not as bad as yesterday anyway!
Today's food! 17/1/13

BREAKFAST- Shreddies and milk (hex) scrambled egg

SNACK- fruit, 2 x fish fingers (3)

LUNCH- tuna, new potato, rocket, cucumber and mayo (3) salad, melon

TEA- chicken, bacon and paprika pasta

SNACK- sweet micro popcorn (5.5)

Syns used- 11.5

Definitely a better day today. It's probably not going to make up for the bad days but at least it's a day where I have stuck to the plan and within my syns :) Much happier! X

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