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ProPoints Katie68 Journey to a thinner me


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welcome and good luck Katie look forwaed to reading your diary x
Hi lovely :) here to follow ur diary :) x


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Hello ladies :D welcome to my world . Hope you are both well? X


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Welcome Katie :) I just started my online food diary today too to try and get some extra motivation!i can see you've already lost a lot..well done!what diet/plan was that on? Anna x
How are u doing this week hun? X


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Hi i am following wieghtwatchers now. I lost all my weight on low carb first south beach and the Atkins big mistake moving to Atkins made me very silly and my mom asked me to stop before I damaged my health. I gave put on 21lb this last year. I am very disappointed as I was at 84 lost but just lately I seem to only be able to see the gain and not the big loss I still have. This is harming my progress.

I put the weight on as I moved from the west mids to the forest of Dean Amd knew no one but my husband. Eating is a crutch fir me I feel it always will be. I feel with ww I can keep it in check while enjoying some of the things I enjoy.

I have pcos and we are desperate for a baby but it's not happening so far :( done good news is since this large weight loss my hormones have normalised which shocked the docs.

I need to lose this weight not only for that but to give me some confidence back I am always so aware of what others may think of me even though they probably hadn't even thought it. It affects my social life I don't drink or go out being Muslim but I'd love to go to groups and meet people and not feel so nervous and self depricating. Alot of my childhood I heard your fat ur embarrassing from my father and now I look at photos I wasn't :( fact is he likes waifs but I am his daughter grrr anyway I need to get over this and live my life I am 30 this year and tired on feeling less than others and self conscious.

Sorry for rambling just need to get it off my chest.

Carly I am doing ok but I feel I am padding out my points with chocolate and rubbish As I find eating 38 points very hard. Any tips? Xx
Hey lovely! Wow what a heartwarming story! U are wonderful! Right now 50lbs seems so far away to me and u have done it and kept it off! Those few lbs gained will be gone in no time :) it's hard meeting people... Maybe join some clubs :) or try salsa classes - I'm sure u will find lots of lovely new people :)

I never struggle to use my pps - I'm used to big meals and am a chocoholic lol! I would say have pp'd sauces with things or have more at meal times... Do try to at least it ur dailies xxx


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I love chocolate I would eat all my pp's in chocolate if I could haha thanks for the advice
Yea me too!!! Lol! Then I would say just have ur choc fix! Thats the flexibility of pp! If ur not being left hungry enjoy ur choc xx


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I have decided to use most points in meals and leave 7 or 8 to have my choc fix :) x


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I have been riding my bike since I got it last Saturday but after 3rd ride I had to take it back and get another as the back wheel broke :( got another now just have to wait for my husband to put it together :)) then I'm back on it.

My sister in law has an exercise hoop which is fun but I can't keep it up long enough at the moment for it to do any good. I have a cross trainer which I do not like at all so I've decided to sell it if I can.

I received a skipping rope today lol I font envy the shop below hearing me skipping haha :) I have a substantial collection on exercise DVD although no where near as many as u Carly lol :)) may start the shred next week xx
Sounds sensible! That's probably about how many I have through week but as I have no Brekkie on a weekend I tend to get more treats :) so do u not eat weeklies?

Poor bike! Glad u have a new one now :) looks like u have plenty of exercise options! DVDs have been collected over several years and many have never been used but will be tested over the next few months! Xx


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I ate weeklies the first week went to the seaside :) had some treats. I decided to use them if I really need to. Sometimes on an evening especially after work I find my self Hungry so I will eat something. I have only been on points for 3 weeks Amd still finding my legs. It's made me realise I wasnt eating enough and when I did eat it was the wrong things. I'm sure I'll find an even keel.


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hi Katie your doin so well keep it up, things will settle and you will find your stride you have done so well so far, x


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Thank you xx
U will get used to it! I think that's the sensible way to look at weeklies! Eat if u need :) xx


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Starting off today's diary as I keep forgetting


2 quorn sausage. 2
2 ww bread. 2
Low fat cheese slice 1
Brown sauce. 0.5

Total. 5.5
Think I might fancy a cooked brekkie today! ooo could put sausage and bacon in a wrap... hmmmm... :) hows u lovely? xx

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