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  1. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Hello All!

    Thought I would start my own diary, have been browsing this site for months debating whether or not I would give Cambridge a go - turns out you have all motivated me into making an appointment :D

    I have my first meeting on Wednesday, I will be starting it on Friday 1st Feb as I have a fully booked social day Thursday.

    I have a girly holiday to Tunisia booked for 26th June, hoping to have lost all the weight by then or at least 4 stone of it.

    I'm definitely an emotional eater - have had a really traumatic year at home and in my personal life and I let myself go and literally spiralled out of control with eating and drinking :sigh:

    So 2013 is going to be MY year and I wanna look friggin HOT on holiday :p

    Will keep you posted on my progress! Any tips/advice muchoo appreciated!

    Katie :) x x
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  3. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Was also wondering, can you exercise at all on CD? Whats recommended?
  4. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Welcome Katie and good luck for your start on 1st Feb x

    I think you can't excersise for the first 2 weeks but after that it's ok? I would speak to your consultant or look on website to confirm x
  5. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    Hello Katie

    Good luck in your CWP journey. Your goal of 4 stone is very achievable by your holiday.

    I to am an emotional eater and I use food as a way of self harming.

    I will follow your diary and give you as much as support as possible so that you can reach your goal Xx
  6. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Thanks girls! :D

    Met my consultant today, such a fab lady, I left there feeling very positive and confident I will lose the weight!

    And wahoo, I actually managed to lose 4lbs this week before I saw her :p

    My consultant is only available on Wednesdays so my first weigh in will only be 5 days in rather than 7, so I hope I still get a half decent loss.

    Tomorrow is my last day of real food, Friday is when the new chapter begins!

    Hope everyone is well and keeping strong! :grouphugg:
  7. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    So Day 1. . . Having a cappacino flavour shake with ice for brekkie - it's actually really yummy! Already drank 1 litre of water, 3 more to go at least! Did have a bit of a blowout yesterday, went to Harvester and it was amaaaaaazing but I think I overdid it on the carbs so probably going to have a lovely headache soon! :sigh:
  8. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well done Hun on your 4lb loss before meeting your consultant! Good luck this week Hun just keep thinking get the first few days out of the way then you will be in ketosis and then it's a lot easier! Good luck Hun x
  9. emawillbskinny!

    emawillbskinny! New Member

    well done on startin ur journey.. i v been on mine for 4 days now.. findin it quite easy as of now (bet i wont b sayin tht in 6 weeks lol) but im determined to stick to it.. need to lose around the same as u .. will look forward to followin ur journey as im on mine x
  10. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Thanks girls :) Had a mango shake for brekkie today, was refreshing!
    Have to say Im quite impressed with the flavours so far, when I did Lighter Life a few years ago it took all my strength not to gag and bring them back up!
    Still feeling positive
    Can we have sweeteners in coffee/tea? xx
  11. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Belly rumbling today & horrible dry mouth. Getting sugar cravings & thinking of pick & mix aaarrrhgghhhhh :(
    Off to nap to distract me x
  12. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Yup, sweeteners are allowed, but tablet ones only! A black tea with a couple of sweeteners or a fruity tea usually hits the spot for sweet cravings for me.

    Forget the pick and mix, and if you're really bothered about it make yourself a promise you can have some when you go on holiday and look forward to it. My problem is pizza, I'm never going to eat it but I do think about it a lot! Cant wait for my holiday to have some!
  13. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Hi katie - I'm with ya babe, looking to lose around the same as you, I re-start tomorrow, we can do this!!! xxx
  14. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Good idea :D Ah so glad we can have sweeteners, just had a lovely black coffee and the toffee & walnut shake for brekkie - that was delicious, hard to believe its a diet shake?! Lol. Tummy feels a bit flatter this morning :D
  15. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Ah good luck scooterchick, you're right, we CAN do this !! xxx keep me posted with ur progress
  16. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Mmm choc mint shake for dinner, made it hot was sooooo nice
    2 more days til my first weigh in. .. Fingers crossed I get good results, been resisting checking the scales at home
  17. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi Katie , good luck for your weigh in, in two days Hun I am sure you will be really pleased! This diet really works and before you know it you will be so much lighter! X
  18. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Stomach is making all sorts of weird & wonderful noises today! Is this normal?! lol
    Veg soup - YUCK xx
  19. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Yes Hun mine does that too! I quite like it in a sad way as I think it means that my tummy is burning the fat!

    I don't like the veg soup either! Only like the chili and tolerate tomato!

    Hope you are having a good day? X
  20. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    Ah good, thats a fab way to think of it - rumbling the fat away!
    I have only like the chilli one so far, all the shakes seem ok though.
    Having a good day, did a bit of window shopping to give me more motivation of the clothes Id like to be able to wear. And sat and had a black coffee whilst my friend had a caramel macchiato AND a millionaire shortbread in Starbucks :(- was painful but I felt really good for resisting temptation!
    How are you getting on hun? You are over halfway to your goal :superwoman:
  21. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well done Hun on resisting at Starbucks! It will be so worth it when you get to your goal! I love window shopping but also love buying!

    Had a good day today been in meetings all day which makes the day go quicker! Had a lemon bar for lunch in between my meetings then came in and had chili soup I am then going to have a chocolate mousse!

    Catching up now on everyone's posts and listening to Hollyoaks! So sad! How about you what you been up to today? X
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