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Katie's Diary! Week 1 and day 4 trip to the seaside... BIG ooops!

Hi all i'm Katie and today is my first day on weight watchers.

I've jumped ship after doing the Cambridge Diet for 3 weeks but being so restricted was driving me insane!! I've hardly seen any friends for fear of falling off the diet, and when I did see them... I fell off the diet lol.

I seem to have piled on the weight since pregnancy but now my little girl is 10 months old so i've really got to stop using her as an excuse and shift some lbs! :D

I'm hoping someone can explain to me the 'rolling over' of points thing? (I'm not going to the meetings - can't get to any so i'm just doing it myself with a shopping guide, eating out guide and points calculator) and i've worked out from the sticky thread that i'm allowed 24 points a day, but I'm wondering if any of these can 'roll over' so I could save them up for a night out or something? What are the rules?

Thanks in advance xx
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I'm sure that someone will correct me if I am wrong but I think that the most you can 'carry over' is 4 in a day and you must use all your points within the week.

Hope this helps


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Yep I agree with Tracy.

I think exercise points (AP's) can be added onto this 4 though, which is handy if you have something big to splurge on :D

Good Luck - and welcome to the forum

yes you can carry over 4 points per day but need to use them by the end of the week. When I did WW (up until 8 weeks ago) the leader said that the amount of bonus/activity points you could eat was no longer restricted to 12, but I think its just a bit of common sense here, and I wouldn't personally eat them all, but if you are doing lots of exercise make sure you eat some of them.

Good luck.
I don't really have time to exercise to be honest. I work full time then have to get home to my little girl so trips to the gym etc are out. I'm thinking of buying a cross trainer as soon as funds allow.

Good to know I can plan a night out tho and not have to worry about going over points if i've saved some :)
Hey Katie.. welcome to WW, I must say the fact that you can save points is great especially if you have an occasion coming up and you dont need to feel guilty!


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Hey, Welcome and good luck. Keep posting it helps you stay on track xx
Hi and welcome to the WW section.

There are loads of things you could do at home exercise wise - so don't let that stop you earning some APs

Get yourself a skipping rope and skip while you boil the kettle - or get a fitness DVD......( I would say that wouldn't I :rolleyes:)

Rosie xx
Ha... ashamed to say I bought a fitness DVD in January (with all good intentions... as you do!) Used it once :ashamed0005:

I just find that by the time I get home from work (6ish) then give Lexie her tea (she's 10 months old) then play with her for a bit before bath/bed time at 8ish, then start washing up, making bottles and packing her nursery bag for the next morning it gets to about half 9 and I just want to collapse on the sofa or go to bed!

I will get motivated though and buy a cross trainer so I can jump on that while watching the soaps. I must :D
hi there
lm a newbie also started yesterday like yourself going it alone this site is great loads of advice and ideas lm tracking everything and trying to drink 2 litres of water a day keep posting :D:D and good luck


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Well all was going well until yesterday. We decided to take the little un for her first trip to the seaside. I had a couple of those sugary doughnuts and then we all went to McDonalds. Not even thinking about the diet I ordered my usual - McChicken sandwich, large fries and large strawb milkshake. Working out yesterdays points today I got to 30 then gave up! Am I better counting them up properly and trying to deduct them a few days at a time over the next 3 days (so my weeks total points still works out at 24 a day on average) - can I do that, like instead of saving points for a future binge, having the binge then saving the points? Or does it just not work like that and I should just start over on my normal 24 points today? I ate so much though so not sure how i'd cut my points down so much! I stuck to them fine mon - wed! Boo! x x
its your choice - you can either cut 4 from your allowance for the rest of the week, or you can just write it off, eat your points each day and hope WI is a good one.

how are you finding eating all your points?

as for Maccy D's, you can still go, but really its the strawberry milkshake that needs to go - i usually get chicken nuggets and small fries, or JUST the mcchicken sandwich with a diet coke / coke zero or bottled water, and i still feel like i'm treating myself but its much easier to stay in points x
i usually find that one bad day wont spoil the whole week you just may loose 1 pound whereas you might've lost 2. its whichever you feel you can cope best with.
things like trips out happen, its real life so dont feel guilty,just get back to it


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Thanks :)

I worked it out just now and had I picked coke zero instead of milkshake I would've been sooo much better, really need to get into the mindset of thinking points all the time!

I think i'll just have to start again today. Even if I dropped my points by 4 a day it still wouldn't near cover it. We only go to the seaside like once a year so won't be doing it again in a hurry!

Eating my points differs every day. Like on monday it got to around 10pm and I still had 5 points left so had an extra WW belgian chocolate slice and a pack of french fries crisps and felt like a real pig! Then today I've had some toast for breakfast, a ham salad sandwich for lunch (on a small baguette), a banana and a jam doughnut (someones birthday in work - there are cakes all over the desks!) and I've used 19 of my 24 points! Now I can't have very much for tea at all, and I'm really regretting that doughnut! x


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It does take time to get your head round the points thingy ... but soon you'll be counting them without even realising it, and picking the better options ... or at least knowing what the better options are .... still doesn't stop us reaching for the dontus though lol

Good luck!



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try not to get too down about it, at least you know now how much the choices you used to make for McDonalds were, so if you go back you know what the "better choice" will be.

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