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Katy's Weightloss Journey!

So then, first day taking the little blue pills! Don't know how fast the side effects star but so far so good and not had any.

I have read loads of posts on here and it seems that all of you find hel and support by writing diarys on feelings and what they have eaten.

Breakfast - bran flakes with low fat yoghurt

Lunch - A plate of vegetables with lean turkey

Tea - lean ham salad - only a small plate needed to take the pill.

I found myself not needing a snack, filled up on drinks of water and added some sugar free cordial to a couple of glasses.

I am in two minds if to weigh myself every week or let the doctor do it!
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hiya Katy. as long as you stick to the 5g rule you shouldnt get any side effects.As for weighing yourself.i jump on the scales when i nip & see my mum every other week as my doc only weighs me ever month..good luck with your journey.
Thanks hun, think i've got the grasp of that! Went round Tesco today and can't believe the fat in some of the stuff I would usually eat! (Well I can or I wouldn't be this size!!!)

Today was a bit daunting, went round Tesco and bought foos for the week!

Breakfast - Yoghurt and fruit

Lunch - buffet at my aunt's which i was dreading. Luckily she'd put slices of meat in the center of the table so I had Chicken and salad

Tea - Skinless chicken breast marinated in spices, salad and pitta bread! A nice healthy kebab! Missed the garlic mayo and chilli sauce though!

I know it aint going to be an easy road but I need this to have the family I desire so much.
Just been Argos and bought a pair of weight watchers scales! The same as my mum's so I know they are acurate with the doctors! Couldn't resist opening them and seeing if I have had any loss! To my amazement I am only 3 days in and 4 pounds lighter, well 25 pounds lighter if you add the money I spent on the scales! Was only going t weigh myself at the doctors but I feel I need to keep a weekly check on myself! I think this will give me more motivation!
Day three nearly over and so far so good! No side effects. Had heartburn during the night but i think thats down to the spices I put on the chicken.
Glad I went and bought the scales, by jumping on them and seeing that in 3 days i have lost 4 pounds its definately shows that i am on the right path, I actually am impressed with myself!
I just don't want to get into the habit of weighing myself every day!

Breakfast - fruit and yoghurt
Dinner - Chicken Salad
Tea - new potatoes, and veg.
Day four!

Was dreading today - first day back at work and all the tins of chocolates there from before christmas! Didn't give in to temptation! My colleague asked why and i actually explained, first time I have been honest with a colleague about my weight! I dissappeared for the morning meeting and when I came back she'd moved all temptation out of my way and been to the vending machine for a chilled can of diet coke.

She knows the reasons behind me doing this and said my son would be very proud of his mummy. Which bought tears, i will do this, not just for my son and the other babies i have lost - but also for the kids I plan to have in the future when i have shed the weight!

Breakfast - fruit

Lunch - Salad in pitta bread and home made sugar free jelly with strawberries and raspberries in.

Tea - Chicken skewers, side salad and 3 new potatoes.
Day five!

Not felt so good today! I hate this time of year and think its just hit me now that my son isn't here to spend xmas with us! I kept day dreaming of what christmas would of been like if he was here! Really made myself feel low!

I didn't let my mood give me the need to gorge though! Even though i am grieving for my son i have to remember that i am not just doing this for me but also so i can have full term trouble free pregnancies in the future!

Breakfast - melon grapes and strawberries with yoghurt

Dinner - chicken salad

Tea - jacket potato with beans ( only ate half, found myself full very quickly )

Looking forward to visiting the family this weekend - just not looking forward to the 200 mile drive, taking plenty of chewing gum so i do not feel the need to stop at a service station and pick up a bag of haribo!
Hope every one had a good new year!

I forgot to update my diary yesterday so here's yesterdays!

Breakfast - fruit and yoghurt
Dinner - lean ham salad
Tea - boiled rice, steamed brocolli, sweetcorn and peas

The boiled rice was from the chinese and i steamed the veg myself!

It was torture watching everyone eat their chinese last night,sweet and sour, curry, honey chilli chicken. But i behaved. And i didn't even touch a drop of alcohol!

Starting as i mean to go on!
Weigh Day today!

11 pounds lost! OMG!!!!

Really surprised and proud of myself, quite shocked due to it being TOTM, thought if i had lost it would not be that much!

Yesterdays Diary
Breakfast - Melon and grapes
Dinner - Chicken, New Potatoes, Sprouts, Cauliflower, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower.
Tea - 1 slice dry toast - did not want anything but ate so I could take my pill.
Still in shock with the 11 pound loss!!!
Breakfast two slices brown bread toasted and dry
Lunch sunday lunch no roasts or yorkshires
Tea chicken and beetroot with salad.
Not posted or a couple of days due to my uncle passing away. I have still eaten healthy but only had one meal a day - can't stomach anything else at the moment! Would be happy with a 4 pound loss this week to make me 1 stone and 1 pound lost in 2 weeks!
Todays gone well!

Breakfast special k cereal bar

Lunch - chicken salad wrap

Tea - Jacket potato with beans!

Snacked on grapes at my desk and did 2 litres of water - my bladder knows about that lol.

Want to start doing more exercise, going to google different things i can do in the area! Debating a nice walk round stone henge at the weekend - weather permitting!

Want to get on the scales put restricting myself to doing it once a week! It could become obsessive!!!
Just wanted to say a quick hello and welcome :D

It sounds like you've been through a really tough time, and I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. Christmas must be a very difficult time, so well done for not giving in to the urge to binge.
It really sounds as though you've got yourself in the zone as far as dieting is concerned though - 11lbs in one week is fantastic, you must be very proud!

So here's to lots more successful weeks, and to a slimmer year aheah for us all!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Katy,

Sorry to hear about your Uncle, hope you and your family are ok.

Well done on the weightloss, you are doing really well. Did you manage to find any classes of interest? Even though I', really enjoying Zumba and the gym, I don't think you can beat a good walk!

I think I'd scream if my scales went, I know I shouldn't but I can't cope without my daily check. If it goes down, even by just 0.1 of a lb, it gives me a great boost for the day! Don't ask what happens when it doesn't go down!
Hi guys, thanks for the well done on my weight loss so far! We are all bearing with it well! Theres not much more hurt you can go through after losing children!
I have resisted the scales for the last 2 days want a surprise on sunday's weigh in! I am going next week to enrol at the gym ( 30 mins circuit) and on of my employee's goes to a spinning class and a zumba one - so going to look into going to that with her x
Missed breakfast this morning - woke up to late and can't stomach food when i get up.

Lunch - chicken salad wrap with carrot and cucumber sticks, melon and grapes

Tea - home made chicken kebab, salad and 1 potato cut in to wedges ( slightly boiled) seasoned and left to brown in oven

Me and the oh are going to stone henge for a walk tomorrow! Looking forward to it - weather permitting! Then friends are coming for tea! A bit daunting as we usually have a takeaway!

Decided we can order the takeaway! I will just order boiled rice for myself and steam some veggies myself! Although i bet if i asked the owner he would do some veggies the healthy way for me ( after all i have been his fav customer for so long - hence the weight and size of me)

Have any of you had anything from a chinese that an recommend anything?
I am sure the veggies will be ok as long as they are natural with no msg or sugar etc! I may be wrong! Any advise appreciated!
Hi Katy,

Faced with the chinese and friends the other week (pre-Christmas) I had some sweet chilli baked beans over some rice from the Chinese.

Usually have chilli beef so didn't feel was missing out as the beans were still spicy but within the rules, very yum!

Loving the diary hun (been following from the start) and have been inspired by your loses as I'm on day 4 (stopped over Christmas) and find seeing what other people have menu wise a real help if you know what I mean :)

Have a great day and catch up soon x
Oooh Thanks Suzie, will have a look into that! I just dont want them to feel like they have to eat what I am! Its me who needs to lose the weight not them, I did debate going up North to visit my family to avoid it, but i know i can't!

Plus can you imagine the state of the house when i get back! My other half wold see it as an axcuse for poker nights or lads nights!!!

Trying to get him to let us get a dog! I want a walking companion!

Katy xxx


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
We had a chinese for our works dept Christmas do, and I had steak and veg in oyster sauce. It was really nice too. Can't say that it didn't contain any msg, but it certainly didn't give me any afffects and I still lost weight that week.

WW's lowest pointed meal from the chinese was a chowmein, but from memory, I'd stay away from satay, scheuzhan, kung po sauces.

Have a lovely evening!

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