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Kayleigh's Journey


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Hi all :) I'm starting my journal today, so that I can write down, vent, rant, enjoy, cherish and look back on everything I am about to embark on in the next few months.

I started Lighter Life last night. It was something I have been contemplating well over a year now and after much research and "slow" dieting, I have bitten the bullet.

I had my first session last night and my first shake this morning. I think I am going to follow somone else's rules of eating at 8, 12, 4 and 8 and see how I get on with that.

Day 1 - Woke up excited and nervous. Had a chocolate shake for my breakfast at work and then just had chilli con carne soup for my lunch. Neither particularly blew me away, but I didn;t vomit either, which is always a bonus!

I'm going to try and commit myself to writein here every day. Even if it sjust one or two lines. I need to start developing my discipipline and commitment - so this should be a good exercise to practice.

I just keep baring in mind, how much better I willl feel and look once I have lost the weight., I'm 100% dedicated to becoming a skinny minny!!

Thanks :)
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Good luck Kayleigh! Everyone on here is very supportive and I'm finding it a great help and I am sure you will too xx


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Welcome and good luck on you weight loss journey.


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Day 2 -

I don't think it helps that I have had flu/cold and have slept for most of the past two days, but I am feeling better now.

I'm not hungry but i AM craving. I just keep thinking, what have i let myself in for?? But Then the next minute I think, I can totally do this.

Todays been harder than yesterday and I'm sure tommorow will be harder still. I just want my 7th day to come so Im finally in ketosis!!


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First couple of days are the worst. It does get better. Honest. Good luck with ur journey x

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Welcome to the forum and the best decision you have made, its tough at times, everyone goes through ups and downs at different times, but stick with it, because you are worth it.
I'm in week 9 and it has gone by in the blink of an eye, soon you will just start shedding the pounds and you can smile at your reflection with your clothes hanging off you!
Keep up with the water its important to drink regularly throughout the day to help weightloss, I pretty much stick to 8, 12, 4 and 8, don't feel hungry and havn't done since day 3. Have found taking a hot bath everynight helps to break the ' food' habit.
Good luck and keep posting!
Ps I mix my shakes with ice and water in kenwood smoothie maker, delicious and you get more water in as well, tastes like mcdonalds milkshake!


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Yeah, I have been mixing mine with ice! Seems thicker! Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'm trying to drink as much as a can, I'm just not used to it but I am trying.

I've got stomach cramps coming on and going off but I'm ok! Just been putting all my clean washing away and looking through my wardrobe thinking, ooooh, these will fit nicely again soon and ooooh, I LOVE that polkadot skirt and it will fit soon yay!!


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You sound like you are in a really good place! Brilliant!! Xx

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Day 3 -

Woke up feeling anxious and bothered that I had yet another day of no food. I'm finding it really difficult to get used to. I suffer from anxiety from time to time anyway, and I'm trying to figure out if because I comfort eat, I'm just feeling more emotion than normal, OR am I working myself up about the potential of being on this diet for 6 months when I know its gonna be so hard.

When I started the diet on Tuesday, come Wednesday, I have had 8 days off with my OH, I don't know If I made the right decision to start the diet at this time, as well as the fact it's my birthday on Monday!!! I've got a little more time on my hands than normal and I'm feeling a little miserable.

My mood is up and down, hour to hour, one minute i'm feeling miserable and thinking, oh god, what have I done and the next I'm thinking, I'm in control again, because my eating before starting this was out of control.... did anyone else feel like this in there first few days of LL?

Do you think this will ware off after a week?


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This will wear off honest. I can feel like that on occasions even now when the stress can be a bit too much. Boredom also causes the devil to find work for idle hands. Lighter life is often a time when many of us look for new hobbies.

Keep your chin up. xx


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Hi kaymarie
well done for getting to day 3 .I can relate to how you are feeling.It will get better and once your in ketosis it gets easier.
Just keep drining the water,and stay positive dont let the food demons win.
Thanks people. Im feeling a little better after my Shepards pie soup, it was a biiiiiig cup full and i felt stuffed afterwards lol

Goal for today - WATER!!


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Hey lovely, what you are going through is what many of us have and still do occasionally, well I know I do!

Try to break down the weightloss in goals, I did, I never considered being on it for 6 months, I literally broke it down in to the first month, then from there I aimed for 12weeks. Once I got past that the weightloss was that amazing that I actually didnt care how long I was on it for because the feeling of being slim and having fabulous comments makes it all worth while!

I was a size 18 before I started, sometimes 20 (dare I admit it) my wardrobe now consists of mainly size 12's butI do have, wait for it a couple of size 10's too!

As for your birthday, do what I did, ask your family to think about doing something with you that does not revolve around food! It actually makes a nice change.
Stick with it hun, trust me it will be worth it! xxx
Thanks Lady T! It's nice to know that what I am feeling is normal LOL

It was difficult tonight at my future mother in laws because she always makes nice food and has lots of yummy snack food in and I just wanted to eat sooooo much, but I had twopints of water instead!! I was however, a little less chatty than I usually am but that could be because i'm still fluey a little as well.

I just hope it gets better soon. My OH is being dead supportive, so I'm thankful for that. I'm in bed now, ready to go to sleep, I hope tommorow is a better day!
You're doing so well :) It's crazy isn't it how everything seems to revolve around food and drink :( Lady T gives v good advice about asking your friends & family to do something not involving it.
It does get easier and a few months wildly by before you know it - shopping and look fabulous makes the time go quicker and that's what you'll be doing before you know it xxx

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Thanks everyone! Just climbing in to bed after day 4! Felt quite positive throughout the day, was so busy this afternoon that I forgot a shake, so double up for to and it was yuuuuummmmyyyy.

Been around a lot of food today, been shopping so lots of temptation and then out with friends tonight and they were drinking wine etc... but I got through it! I just hope I can keep it up! I want this so much but didn't realise how difficult it would be. All I have done is dream about conventional food for the past 3 nights and I wake up thinking I have cheated for the first like 3 seconds then realise it was a dream! LOL

I seriously cannot wait for bars next week, I also cannot wait to go back to work which I think is a shame because I was looking forward to this week off with the OH but it's been more difficult having extra time on my hands. Still, there would have always been an excuse not to start it.

I tell you whats been playing on my mind the most, how frustrating I am getting with myself for letting myself get so fat to begin with. If i had paid attention to begin with and not done this to my body, I wouldn't have to be putting myself through this now. Thats what annoys me the most.


Hi and welcome,good luck on your journey!
Sexy xx


Tough But Sexy X
I had thoughts about my weight and allowing myself to get that big too! I couldn't actually believe none of my family and friends told me what I looked like, when I speak to them now they just day bit you always looked lovely! Hmm!

As for the dreams, yep had them in the beginning to, awful they used to keep me awake. At one point the dreams became about all sorts of other stuff not food and they were worse, woke a few times in tears. they do stop eventually!

I noticed some of the words you used focused on negatives, switch your thinking. So instead of thinking you knew how hard this was going to be, think and visualise you at your goal weight, imagine how that will feel. Sounds odd but it very much works xxx

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