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  1. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone :) .

    It's the start of 2014 and I think keeping a diary on here will help keep me on track. I lost 3.5 stones in 2013 on SW. I have had an enormous amount of support from many of my friends on here who have been a great inspiration to me. Your diaries have helped me a lot and so I wanted to share my experiences too. I have another 4 stones to lose this year. I am not great at posting everyday and every meal I eat but I will try my best to keep my diary up to date.

    In 2013 what worked for me was doing body magic along with my green days, those were the weeks I lost the most. I know its different for everyone. I also loved doing the monthly challenges set up by Texty and Daz (normally in the off topic section on here), its a great way to keep track of your progress week on week. I like breaking my goals down so it seems more achievable and the monthly challenges really help with that.

    I am also a big foodie hence I have a thread on here with all my Indian recipes made the SW way. I have cooked Indian food all my life and love to share my recipes with other members. I also love getting ideas and tips from others on their fab recipes (Pete's recipe book is brill also ! check it out in the World Recipes section) . Some of the food pics on here make me hungry all over again even after I've eaten :p . Perhaps that's why, after trying so many extreme diets I have had the most success with SW because I don't have to run away from food anymore. I just need to train my mind to prepare meals in a much healthier way and allow myself treats now and then to really enjoy and appreciate them, rather than stuffing my face as I have done in the past.

    I am an emotional eater, so learning to reward myself with non food treats is something new to me but I have started to enjoy it more. Also as the weight drops off, shopping is so much more fun ! I have had some nice comments from some friends and others well, they say `you should stop or you will be too thin ' what they really mean is please be the fat friend you've always been next to me in my pics so I look slimmer :D . But guess what, I will stop when I feel it's right !

    My main aim on this journey is to be healthier and happier, which is the title of my diary :p. With the weightloss I will gain more confidence in myself. Although I have a number in my mind I don't want that to be my main focus. It's the journey that's important to me not the destination.

    I hope you all pop in to read my diary as I have yours and we can share ideas and help and support one another along the way. I do know a fair bit about the plan having lost 3.5 stones, but I am no expert, I learn something new on here each day :) .

    I wish you all a successful and fab 2014 on your weightloss journey's, and hope you all achieve the goals you have set out for yourselves !!!

    Hugs Kay xx

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  2. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Hi ev1 :) ,

    I have been away for a while. I'm back now and went to group this morning. I had a huge gain but was expecting that since I had my sister over from the US over Christmas and New Year. She's only just gone back. I managed to lose 3.5 stones last year but I am now back to only 2.5 off :rolleyes:. I have a lot of catching up to do ! Anyway I've managed to do my food shop for the week and am getting straight back on plan now ! I'm heading to the gym also today for some body magic. I get weighed on Tuesday's so hope to lose 3lbs by next week. I'll update my diary soon with my daily eats :p . I'm sticking to green days this week and will see how I go.
  3. Chicaloca

    Chicaloca Well-Known Member


    Well done on you loss so far I look forward to reading you diary :)

    Also about to check out your indian recipes, I just got back from Kerala on Friday!
  4. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reading my diary :) . I hope you like the recipes on my thread, let me know if you have any requests, I'm always updating new recipes on there. Wow u just got back from sunny Kerala, I'm jealous ! The weather is lovely there not to mention the local cuisine, yum yum !

    Kay xx
  5. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Todays Eats


    Breakfast -
    x2 Granny Smith Apples
    x1 Protein Shake

    Lunch -
    Syn Free Vegetable Soup

    Dinner -
    Quorn Chicken Tikka pieces with salad

    Drinks -
    2L Bottle of water
    x1 fennel tea
    x1 Dr Stuart Liver Detox Tea (I buy this from Holland and Barrett, it's fab for cleansing the system).

    I know Dr Stuarts range also do a Slimming Tea, I've never tried that one but have heard some good reviews about it online. I may buy some once the liver cleanse one runs out.


    I went back to the gym today after a long time. It's always harder the first week, getting back into a routine. Anyway I managed to push myself and burned 500cals so really happy with that :p.

    Treadmill - 240 cals
    Cross Trainer - 100 cals
    Rowing Machine - 160 cals
    Total Cals Burned 500.

    Also did some weights on the Tricep Extension.
    x10 reps @ 60lbs - 5 sets. (for the bingo wings ! :D )

    I hope to go gym tomorrow too. I will be sticking with the green plan for this week. I hope I have a 3lb loss next week. I really need it.
  6. Texty_F

    Texty_F Well-Known Member

    Coooeeeee Kay im here to subscribe my lovely. I look forward to reading your diary xx
  7. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Well-Known Member

    Hello Kay!! Glad you're back, I missed your chat :) You sound serious this week, good luck!!!
  8. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I spent sometime reading my new SW magazine which I love. Some great recipe ideas and I love the section each month on the new products. Talking of which I have bought my new Beanies Irish Cream coffee from Sainsbury's. It's gorgeous ! I'm in heaven ! Yes I love it that much :D . As it says in the ad, no syrup or sugar needed and less than 2 cals per serving ! Much less than a starbucks or costa coffee.

    untitled 1.png

    I will try out the Amaretto Almond one next. They also do a Cinder Toffee flavour which I'm sure is nice but I'm not a big toffee fan. But lovely range though. I think only Sainsbury's stock them. It is advertised in this months SW mag :) .
  9. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Drinking my coffee and still browsing my new mag. I wondered whether anyone has tried the New Covent Garden Soup Co range of skinny soups ?

    They are available in all supermarkets at £2.20 each and you can have half a carton as a HEB choice :) . Great for when your on the go and a quick lunch.

  10. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    I love cooking but I do make a mess in the kitchen when I do :p . I have just seen a `Pot Spoon Rest ' advertised in the SW magazine. I never knew you could even get these I think it's a fab idea and I love the colours. I will order mine online. You can buy them from www.aplceforeverything.co.uk for £6. I always have messy work tops with cooking utensils lying around, this is great idea to keep them at hand and tidy :) .

    images1EQ47GNE.jpg imagesWK7GFJGS.jpg
  11. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    Hiya, found you :) I'll read your diary with interest xx
  12. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Well-Known Member

    Love the smell of coffee Kay but can't get into drinking it, big tea drinker though.This sounds lovely,be a nice low cal threat. I'm loving choc options at the mo but it's costing me 2syns a cup,so only have it as a treat if I have the syns.

    Howse your day been toda? I meet the girls for breakfast this morning,did a spot of shopping in Boots, 70% sale was on,got a couple of Soap & Glory sets as birthday prezzies I have coming up & then got a surprise visit from my dad to wish me luck for my work placement on Monday,so I was chuffed.
  13. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Todays Eats


    Breakfast -
    x2 Granny Smith Apples
    x2 small slices of brown bread (HEb) with marmite

    Lunch -
    Syn Free Vegetable Soup

    Dinner -
    Spicy Mushroom Curry with basmati rice (from my thread recipe no.4) served with cucumber raita (recipe no.16)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Drinks -
    2L Bottle of water
    x1 Cup of Chinese detox tea
    x2 Cups of Beanies Irish Cream Coffee (I'm addicted to this :p ) + skimmed milk (HEa)

    I didn't manage to go to the gym today :( I woke up with a really bad back pain. So I decided to take a days break and will go back tomorrow. Although I have eaten within the plan, I feel really bloated, I think rice does this to me sometimes, or it could be all the water I'm trying to drink.
  14. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Hi Izzy, everyone in my family is a tea drinker, I'm the only one who loves coffee :p. I love the Soap & Glory range too, it smells really nice and it's pink ! (my fav colour), they will make lovely presents. It's nice for your dad to have dropped by to wish you, I wish you luck too for your work placement :). How has your day been foodwise ?

    Kay xx
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  15. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Well-Known Member

    Foodwise I had a cooked breakfast, wasn't hungry for lunch, just had an apple, had SW chips & chicken/chorizo chilli for dinner, a dairymilk bar 5.5syns & 4.5syns, going to bed early as I've had migraine today & I'm abit zonked.

    Your food sounds really healthy Kay, what do you spend your syns on?
  16. Kay003

    Kay003 Well-Known Member

    Hi Izzy, your food diary looks good and your dinner sounds yummy :p . I'm trying to keep syns at a minimum at the mo as I want to undo the damage I've done over xmas and new year. When I do have them I like to save them for going out usually. Or sometimes I use them on sauces and dips or sweet treats when I fancy.
  17. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Well-Known Member

    Hello helloooooo :D

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  18. kitty o

    kitty o Well-Known Member

    Subbing !!

    Love your recipe thread too!! X
  19. Texty_F

    Texty_F Well-Known Member

    Evening Kay - sorry you had pain today. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Your meal looks delish nom nom x
  20. Issywizzywoo

    Issywizzywoo Well-Known Member

    Oh speaking of dips Kay, I've taking to making my own syn-free hummus, fab with chopped veg & helps me keep away from the crisps. Fills a gap for tv munchies :D

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