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Kazd's food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by kazd, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. kazd

    kazd Full Member

    Hi all,

    Re-joined SW on Thursday evening and started on Friday morning. Am going to try and take pictures of my meals and hopefully you will point me in the right direction should I be naughty! Oh and by the way following EE.


    Breakfast was a Spanish style omelette with onions, red peppers, 1 slice of bacon and small slice of ham, 2 small potatoes (zapped in microwave and tossed in frying pan with onions and peppers). Then two beaten eggs poured over with a pinch of mustard powder. Served with half tin of beans. Have just attempted to add picture not sure if I will see it after it is posted.

    lunch was a mug of homemade leek and butternut squash soup which was made with 15g butter but made six portions - should that be synned?

    Dinner was grilled chicken breast sprinkled with peri peri seasoning, baby salad potatoes, salad with balsamic and lemon juice dressing and red onions, 40g finest coleslaw (5.5 syns) - no butter and no ketchup - halo!

    Snack. Strawberry activia 0% yogurt! banana, raspberries and a finest meringue (2.5 syns), and this was my downfall, I bought the wrong size toffee crisp so (11.5 syns)


    Essentially same breakfast but I had it with poached eggs and two slices of bacon and 1 slice of toast (only had 50:50 in). Had this late so served as brunch.

    Dinner. Had to use some leftovers so I had a hairy biker lasagne but made Harcombe style so had cream, cheese in it but no pasta, served with a mix of celeriac and real chips done with fry light in actifry. Also creamed spinach which I did make fairly low fat but need to work syns out.

    Dessert same as night before but without banana and another toffee crisp. (Correct size coming in shopping today).

    Oh and the lasagne was made with steak mince, leeks (instead of pasta), carrots, onions, celery, peppers. Bechamel from memory was cream and grated cheese nut that was the last one, making SW version today but have to say love the leek sheets.

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