KEELEY - you there???

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Dancing, 12 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    you disappeared after your last post.. Just want to check you are doing ok!
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  3. cambridge*diet*08

    cambridge*diet*08 Silver Member


    yeah im fine, tough ol'boot me lol...

    still on the infamous low carb diet and enjoying it. not seeing a fab loss like you have though :(

    oh well i will stick with it and ride the plateaus as i did with cd/ss. for the first time ever i have coped with these, normally id give up as it would leave me feeling demotivated. this year has been different for some reason. thank god!

    i enjoyed an atkins friendly picnic yesterday... salami, cheeses, ham and philly rolls, babybels, peanuts... yum yum and lovely to socialise with my family again.

    the gorgeous weather is also keeping me on track, that and my holiday in july.

    you ok? still coping ok on low carb???

    do you miss ss? i feel a touch guilty and frustrated that i couldnt carry on but i didnt want to get caught up in a ss/binge cycle... ggrrr!
    would've been great to speed my way to bmi 25/9,11... oh well.

    have a great day xxx

    im painting all day... oh joy!
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hi. my big loss in the first few days was entirely due to the huge amount of food I'd eaten in the lead up! I don't miss SS but I do wish I could have got back into the groove of it and I do feel a little guilt or something but I know I've made the best decision for me. Weighing myself tomorrow to get a belated week one result.

    enjoy the painting

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