Keep going, I'm still 10 stone...


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This is my Tuesday self weigh in - ok, I'm one day late and I lied about the 10st cos I'm 10st 1 and a bit...

But my point is, I've been off LT for a good few weeks now, done refeed and I've been jolly careful what I've been eating, but I'm still skinny as a rake (for me, anyway), I'm wearing clothes I'd never dreamed of wearing and I'm happy as Larry.

So. For anyone struggling, hurting, moaning, miserable.... get the Lipotrim down your neck and keep going, your weight will FALL OFF in the next few weeks and come New Year you'll be looking in the mirror and not recognising yourself.

Zayna x
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Well done on maitaining hun, im starting refeeding today and hope i can lose my last 10lb doing ww. Hope i can do as well as you xx


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well done chick, we need more people like ya who have been through it and come back and tell their story. Gud for ya, defintely an inspiration


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Well I never think I can sit back with a plate of fish and chips on my knee and relax, I'm careful and if I've been out for dinner or had a treat, I reel myself back in the next day.

You can have a life, you just have to work hard first to get rid of the layers, then keep yourself in check to make sure they don't pile back on while you're not looking. :)


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well done on the refeed its great to hear people come back and let us know that its ok to eat again after lt and stil maintain/lose
all the best keep us updated



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Thanks Zayna, I know how hard it was for you, I remember your posts from when you were TFR.
Well done on maintaining, and thanks so much for coming back to inspire those of us still at it!! xxxx


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That's great news Zayna, and very encouraging for me as I'm due to start refeed in less than 2 weeks.



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Another Tuesday. 1lb lighter than last week. Not really bothered, if I can stay 10st to 10st 2lb I'm happy.


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Along the same lines...its been 2 weeks of my refeeding now. Key is sensible eating - fat makes you fat as they say in the refeeding guide :p
My first week flew by and i lost another 2 lbs, this week ive maintained at 10 stone!
My clothes are a size 10 as opposed to a size 20! I went to New Look on the weekend where i haven't shopped for years..tried on a size 10 xmas party dress....was too big...size 8 fitted perfectly...then i burst into tears on the changing room assistant becuase i was so shocked, happy and overwhelmed at the same time!!!! sad i know :p
I have the maintanance shake for breakfast, either the soup or a salad with some meat for lunch (small of course) then a nice dinner!! i think it helps that im not now able to eat more than a side plate or a kids portion :)
I even had my first glass of alcohol in 5 months on saturday! vodka and slim line tonic! just 1 went to my head as opposed to usually taking a whole bottle :p
It is the best thing ive ever done and i am so happy!
But you can't please everyone..when i was fat ppl said things and gave their opinion whether i wanted it or not, when i was on TFR ppl were mean and gave negative comments on "you'll never keep it off blah blah its unhealthy"...and surprise surprise the jealous ones AGAIN now im a size 10 are saying "you look TOO thin now"...can't please everyone so concentrate on pleasing yourself!
Im 5 foot 5, size 10 and happier than ive been in years. Go girls keep going its worth it! Sorry for the lengthy post :)