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keep me on the right road plz :-) Food Diary

Okay after writing it all down I have lost it so Ill start again from Sunday. :sigh::mad: I am trying the Easy extra plan so please feel free to advise and suggest as i really want to loose but have no time to go to the class or at the moment the money. :cry:


Bacon Eggs Beans
Cherries (by the box)
Chicken Salad
Curly wurly 6 syns
(Special K - skimmed milk)HE A&B


Special K - Skimmed milk HE A&B
Cold meat Salad 1/2 packet of batchelors golden rice Kraft Balsamic dressing 2.5 ( is this the correct amount of syns)
Gammon steak Potaotes & Beans
Tunnock snowball :confused: How many syns


Cold meat & egg
Batchelors rice with chicken breast soya sauce
Cod in butter sauce veg and boiled baby potatoes - this is 1.5 per 100g so need to look at the pack before i calc the syns!(Prob have bread for the sauce or leave that for toast at bed time using HE A and syn the v.low fat butter )
Milk HE B for teas will use over the next 2 days :confused::confused::confused: can i do this

Thanks for your help look forward to hearing your replies

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can you advise if I use half of a HE A can i use half of another one to make the whole allowance or use the remaining balance of ot the next days

Eg if i only use a little milk or if I choose the 2 alpen bars but use only one?

Thanks foryour help everyone :)
Tuesday Got changed a little from above

Cold meat & egg
Batchelors rice with chicken breast soya sauce
Cod in butter sauce veg and boiled baby potatoes _ not sure if this has a syn value but well under todayso not worrying
!/2 a curly wurly (3syns)
Special K and Milk ( HE A & B )

i also had a few coffees Throughout the day so I will need to syn my milk


Special K & Milk with apple chopped through it ( HE A & B )
Batchelors pasta ( Cheese & broccoli ) & cold meat
Free Beef burgers ( the scot slimmers ones!) & chinese rice with steamed veg
4 marsh mallows - today not sure someone said 4 syns ??????
Going to have the other half of my curly wurly ( 3 ) syns
and prob a skinny cow hot chocolate (2.5 syns)

and i still have a little left but its my little ones birthday on Friday so saving it so I can celebrate but not go overboard


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Hi Michelle,

As promised I'm checking out your diary! Hope you are doing ok.

I am not sure about carrying over hex a's and b's - I think not but i will check when I go to class on Wednesday. You can def mix them up on the day though - 1 alpen bar and 85g of new pots would equal 1 hex b on a red day (I do that all the time!)

If your cod was Young's frozen 140g that is 1.5 syns (was surprised about that thought it would be more).

The batchelors cheese and broccoli is 1/2 syn before adding any milk or butter ( you have probably taken that into account but you don't say).

It looks like you are having veg with everything - on EE its meant to be a 1/3 of the plate, so its all good.

Are you seeing a difference? How long have you been on SW? And how often are you weighing yourself?

Good luck!
Well done so far :)
Just noticed - only special K sustain is a healthy B, but normal special K would be syns. I had special k bliss strawberry and choc for brekkie, but it's 5 1/2 syns.
Hope this helps x


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hmm - I must admit I avoid cereals - you never seem to get very much for your hexb or syns! Hence me missing it - sorry Michelle!