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Keeping it off long term


I will do this!!!
To be honest im s****ing myself about putting it all on again. On my week off i ate salads and soups and i still put on 8lbs!! Im so scared :(


I will do this!!!
Thank you :( The way i keep looking at it is if i do get on the scales after getting to goal and iv put 6lbs on then so what, it'll be alot easier losing 6lbs than 6 stone!!!!


I will do this!!!
I definatly wont let it creep back on! i do rekon ill put a stone on over christmas tho!
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Im terrified...my refeeding is creeping closer and closer and I dont know what the hell Im going to do!
Honest advice is not to see it as keeping it off! If you do then you will live in fear of putting it back on and hence focus on exactly what you don't want.

For me I am now just slim and I enjoy it so much that I value staying slim.

Totally down to what you want and not what you don't want.



I will do this!!!
I just need to sort out my head and stay away from all the crap!
I agree that being slim is 99.99% in your mind! But also you will eat less healthy food again, I don't now only eat salad and low fat food otherwise I would still be on some sort of diet, I just moderate now which means one or two chocolates and not a box full like I used to. My favourite thing is that Jo and I always share a pudding in a restaurant, it halves the cost, halves the calories and can be quite romantic to chase the last piece of cheescake round the plate :)
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Yep...as you know Mike. Totally with you on this one. Sort the head out and you don't have to stay away from all the crap. Everything becomes 'moderate'...and it's much easier to keep to forever :clap:


a new way of living!
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that was an interesting article, and i agree with mike and KD, 99.99% of it is head work.

I have had people ask me 'when you eat again will you regain all your/the weight, like the weight is something that is mine, hovering out there in space waiting to find me again! lol.

I dont think of it as my weight anymore, I am 38lbs lighter, and that 38lb does not belong to me anymore! it has passed on! it was used to help me live for those days i was on tfr.

if anything, thinking of it like that, it was used 'usefully' so its not a 'loss' or something to be scared of, it was something that my body stored for future use, and has used it.

I dont need to store more now, so although my bodies natural reaction may be to want to store some energy for later, i know that it is not necessary.

we, as humans, have evolved on more quickly than the natural survival impulses of our bodies. as long as we keep that in mind, perhaps keeping out energy balance, balanced will be easier. :D

deep answer for what was going to be a quick 'liked the article' response! ;)
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Thanks babe, a useful article. I hope to keep my weight off by being sensible and, like Mike, have "treats" in moderation! Before LT I would never just have one chocolate, instead I'd eat the lot and feel pretty sick at the end of it!!!! I just hope I have learnt lessons that I won't ever forget!



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That's a great way to look at it ms blonde. The weight really is gone, all used up in the process of becoming the new me.
I have to go away for 6 weeks and will be practising keeping the weight off during that time.


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
good luck! and have a great time :)


Gone fishing
And another excellent message from msblonde :clap:
I have to go away for 6 weeks and will be practising keeping the weight off during that time.
That's it. Living the maintenance is for 52 weeks a year. It's your new way of living. Your new lifestyle. If you've done the head work, it wont really occur to you to overeat for holidays and special occassions.

Okay, it might be something that you have to make a conscious effort for (in the early days)...to make those right choices, but then it's a case of enjoying different types of foods in moderation, but then spending time enjoying all the non-food things around.

I remember holidays and high days being all about the food. .Glad it's not like that anymore :) So much else going on, and hey..I don't have to diet when I get home :clap:
Spot on KD and MSB!

It is all about moderation and finding a balance, I met someone this week who basically starves monday to friday so he can eat what he likes over a weekend, it means he is either really down in the dumps as he can't eat, or is getting such a hit from his food at the weekend that he feels sick on it.

I went to Florida for 2 weeks in April and just ate like I normally do here, had some nice things to eat but didn't eat plates and plates like i used to, for me it is EAT AS MUCH AS I LIKE not EAT AS MUCH AS I CAN...

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