Kellogs crunchy nut glorious oat granola

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by moobag, 26 April 2014.

  1. moobag

    moobag Active Member

    Can anyone give me the syn values for this? It has chocolate chunks so I'm guessing it'll be fairly high but thinking of having it as a dessert on Sunday afternoon with some yogurt as a treat! Thanks :)
  2. slimLolly

    slimLolly Well-Known Member

    These three come up online...

    Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola
    Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola with Chocolate Chunks & Roasted Hazelnuts
    Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola with Mixed Fruits, Hazelnuts & Almonds

    All are 6 syns per 25g on all plans.
  3. moobag

    moobag Active Member

    Thank you for that :) it's lovely and well worth the syns!
  4. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Well-Known Member

    You can have 30g of the one with cranberries or the one with raisins as a heb
  5. slimLolly

    slimLolly Well-Known Member

    It's the new Special K granolas that are HEBs, not the Crunchy Nut ones. I've only had the cranberry which is delicious, although nowhere near as sweet as the Crunchy Nut one. Would recommend trying it. :)

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