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Kelly's Slimfast Diary..105lbs to lose!


cos i need this xxx
hey hey! you checked mine so im checking yours lol!
was a bit bad and had 2 slices of toast and butter :S
could have been far far worse though - i was contemplating pasta with cheese sauce and bacon - so actually managed a little resraint!!

best of luck hun xx
Ok so far here is my 1st day on SF.
Breakfast at work of a pre-made chocolate shake at 8.45am
Snack in the car driving home at 10.15am of a go ahead bar 50 cals per slice, 2 slices had.
It is now 10.50 am and im about to go swimming with my slim boyfriend! Haha the things i put him through to help me lose weight.
Will post again after exercise and lunch!


cos i need this xxx
well done love sounds like youre doing well :) good on you for gettig the exercise in - and damn right you OH has to help - thats what theyre there for :)

keep up the good work hunni

Ok so im back from swimming now. Did 1 hr in pool but dont worry not all of that was exercise! Most was floating around having a chat with the boyfriend lol.
Lunch was strawberry shake (made from tin) whilst my other half is eating gorgeous ham and thick slices of bread with butter!!!! uuuhhhh, how i would love that! Oh well ill look forward to proper food at dinner.
Snack in pm ill be having 1 small apple and 1 small pear.
Dinner will be chicken, broccoli & noodles. Yumyum.
Am also going to do some wii workout with some of my new fitness games!!! :) Im gonna do it xx


cos i need this xxx
the wii might be the best invention ever! im gonna get the just dance game cos apparently thats a great workout but is really fun to do with friends too so i can have wii nights with it too with friends lol!!

Ive ordered the just dance off amazon. £17 so nearly half price. :) cant wait to try it out. Ive also go the biggest loser game on wii and ds. Ive got the new wii fit plus which i havent used yet & also a game by fitness first. :) lots to try and get me active!Plus 2 dogs to walk xx


Gold Member
how diid you find your first day????


cos i need this xxx
aw - the wii fit plus is sooo much better thn the original wii fit - try it asap - youll love it!!
let me know how u get on with just dance!!

Is the biggest loser game good?

I've ordered it but waiting for it to be delivered, along with Just Dance!

I dont tend to use the wii fit game as it doesn't really feel like a workout so I stick with Active Sports, My fitness coach cardio and I've just got the Your Shape game which I am going to try out today.
Hi Guys
I am finding SF fairly easy to stick to! :)
TallulahBelle - The biggest loser game on the wii is fantastic. I love it! But not tht gr8 on the DS.
I am now just waiting on just dance to be delivered and i will let you all know my verdict. Can you let me know what the your shape is like? Im thinking of buying it too.
OK so ive been at work since last night and have just got home. Here is my food diary.
Tues 29th Dec 09
Breakfast- Chocolate premade shake
Snack- 1 small pear, 1 satsuma-75 cals
Lunch-Strawberry shake
Snack- Weight watchers tortilla cheese crisps-75 cals
Dinner- 2 sausages & mash with broccoli.
Dessert- SF chocolate snack bar.
Hope everyone is doing well! Keep it going! Heres to a slim 2010! Our year to be thin
hi kelly,
you seem to be doing very well!!!!
very motivated wich is great to see.....

what do you do for work if you dont mind me asking


cos i need this xxx
well done hunni - youre keepng on track very well :D
im getting just dance tomoro and am really really excited lol! its pathetic how excited i am!!

Hi Guys
Sorry for the delay have been at work again! lol
Kes, my job is a support worker. I work with young adults who have severe disabilities.
Hows everyone doing?
Heres my diary
wed 30/12/09
Breakfast-Choc shake
Snack-satsuma & ww yogurt
Lunch-strawberry shake
Snack- ww crisps
Dinner-Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad.

Thurs 31/12/09
Breakfast- choc shake
Snack-1 smll pear, 1 ww yogurt
lunch-strawberry shake
snack-slimfast pretzels
Dinner- chilli con carne home made and low fat!!!
I get to avoid socialising tonight as i am having a quiet on in and looking after my 2 beautiful dogs. xxx
Hi Guys.
Well my OH had a takeaway last night. He had half a pounder with cheese and some chips from our local burger bar, then he had chocolate ice cream for afters!!! SOD. For my dessert I had an apple and some grapes. woo hoo.
Ok so 1/1/10
Breakfast- Choc shake
Snack- Banana
Lunch- Strawberry Shake

Will update later
Have brought new fitness DVDs so I am going to do one of those today or my wii fit. Havent decided yet.
Its my dads birthday on tue and were out for a curry!!! :( all i usually have anyway is plain tikka with steamed rice and the little salad that goes along with it. Im really really good about this diet this morning. Full of energy although my tummy is feeling a bit odd but i havent been feeling myself for about a month now so we'll see what happens.


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not good about feeling out of sorts, but glad that the feeling of being good on the diet is still with you!!!

Hope you are ok

do you find you job rewarding or draining, (sorry i do like to know about different jobs)
Rewarding usually. lol I love to know that i am helping someone who has a disability & make them happy and smile. I used to work with mental health and learning disabilities and i found that more of a challenge to be honest but i much prefer the servere disabilities and i have so much fun!
In regards to how im feeling i feel like i may be pregnant but i think its too early to tell yet. My period is due this week so i guess ill know then lol


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are you ok with being preggers if you are????
I am yeah. Im only 22 (23 in march) but ive been with my oh for 5 years, but im ok with it its him im worried about. We live about 40 mins drive from each other and we both live with our parents so if i am we'll need to sort something out as we only c each other 2 days a week, but we shall see i suppose lol.

Update on food
afternoon snack- ww yogurt, pear
dinner-roast chicken with dry roasted veg.


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well you will jst have to wait and see then, i hope everything works out for the best though!!!

Good on you for stickin to it though, whe can you do a test??? (if you dont mind me asking)

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