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Kernow Jo: Diary/Lost -97.5 lb on WW / Now having Gastric Band Hypnotherapy!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Weight Loss Diaries' started by Kernow Jo, 26 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Hi my name is Jo and I need to lose as much as possible for an operation later this year.

    I am following my old ww programme switch (core plan) because this is what has worked best for me in the past. I do however have the discovery plan as well.

    After losing three pregnancies during 2006, 2007, 2008 and giving up smoking, I comfort ate all the way through my pregnancy in 2009 right up until I had a c-section and gave birth to my lovely little boy born June 2009. I had by this time ballooned to a astonishing :eek: 21st.

    After having a successful pregnancy my husband and I decided to carry on and try for another baby hoping to have them close together in age.

    Unfortunately I lost the next pregnancy in November 2009. As if this wasn't enough to cope with, during a gynaecological operation (a erpc), the surgeon 'accidently' perforated my womb and bowel leaving me very unwell and in hospital for 5 weeks.

    My recovery was a complicated one which has left me with a large incisional hernia. I lost some weight but was still weighing in at 18st 2lbs

    My consultant has said I need to lose as much weight as possible before my next operation to lessen the risks. I saw my consultant in November 2010 and my weight was down to 17st 6lbs. He was pleased I had lost weight but said he wanted me to lose as much as possible in the next six months.

    I came away from that apt and decided I needed to get my act together. I have a lovely husband and little boy (now 19months old). They nearly lost me during my last operation when my bowel was perforated and I need to do all I can to make sure this next operation goes smoothly with the least risks as is possible.

    New Start

    I have been following my old core plan programme for the last ten weeks and have lost 25 lbs.

    I am now 15 st 9lbs wooohoooo! :D

    I see my consultant again in May so have time to lose more.

    Sorry that my story was long winded but I wanted to explain why I am doing this in such a short time!!

    Please feel free to pop in, comment or just give general support....... I need all I can get!

    Update 28/09/2011
    I am now 12st 3 lbs, It feels good to be well into the 12 stone's, and into size 12 clothes!Woooooo Hoooooo! Total loss 123 lbs !

    I had my operation on 8th Sept 2011 and am now recovering at home. The operation was more complicated then the consultant thought it would be so they didn't do the abdominoplasty. This will hopefully be done next year to remove the excess skin I now have from the weight loss but also because the hernia got so large it stretched the skin.

    Read my up to date posts to follow my post operation diary / pics.

    I have attached two pics of my journey, the first is when I was 21st and last 12st 13lbs!

    There are more pics of my journey in my profile album, feel free to have a look.

    Good luck in your weight loss journey!!

    Thanks for listening! Jo xx


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:

    :thankyou:for reading!

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  3. deadteddys

    deadteddys Well-Known Member

    Wow! You have had some amazing losses already! Good luck on your journey! :)

    Also - Good luck with the op. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!
  4. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks deadteddys for the vibes! I hope your journey is a successful one too. Jo


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  5. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    This is my journey so far!

    June 2009 - Nov 2010 - 50lbs

    New start

    17/11/2010 - 17st 6lbs (start weight)
    24/11/2010 - 16st 12lbs -8lbs
    01/12/2010 - 16st 6lbs -6lbs
    08/12/2010 - 16st 4lbs -2lbs
    15/12/2010 - 16st 3lbs -1lbs
    22/12/2010 - 16st 3lbs sts
    29/12/2010 - 16st 3lbs sts
    05/01/2011 - 15st 13 3/4 lbs -3 1/4lbs
    12/01/2011 - 15st 11 1/4 lbs -2 1/2lbs
    19/01/2011 - 15st 9 1/4 -2lbs
    26/01/2010 - 15st 9lbs -1/4lb (total weight loss 25lbs)


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  6. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    I have found that writing down exactly what I eat each day has helped alot. You do need to be honest with your self thou. I also write down how many steps I take each day and set myself weekly average steps as away to motivate myself.

    Walking has helped alot towards my weight loss. I use a ww pedometer to track my steps.

    This was my steps for last week (Target Daily Average at least 20000)
    Weds - 21507
    Thurs - 23937
    Fri - 21707
    Sat - 23931
    Sun- 22975
    Mon - 16536
    Tues - 20678

    My Target for this week is (Average at least 15000 daily)

    To help me to keep track of my portion sizes I found using a smaller dinner plate helped. I use a smaller plate all the time now and this seems to work well!


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  7. fallenangell

    fallenangell Member

    Hi there :), wow congrats on your losses so far. It inspires me to keep going when I see someone like yourself achieving so much.
    I started at almost 23st :cry:and my gp referred me to a bariatric surgeon who promised to help me make some progress within a year and get to the bottom of my eating problems or offer me a gastric bypass if he was unsuccessful. Well 12 months on after discovering I was a binge eater, I've lost almost 3 stone without dieting, just by stopping binging and have now decided its time to get down to losing weight with a sensible eating plan.
    So with an amazing 10st to lose I have to start somewhere :) and here it goes lol.
    So good luck on the rest of your journey which I will more than be happy to follow you on. :happy036::):):):):)
  8. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks for your encouragement and for sharing your story. You have done really well to lose 3 stone so far.:D I am sure you will continue to lose weight too. Good luck with your Journey! Jo x


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  9. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Weds daily steps = 16001:)

    Thurs daily steps = 17891 :)

    I had another good day today. I managed to walk in the morning and again in the afternoon. It was cold this afternoon so it was on with a fleece hat and a fleece neck snood and gloves lol I must of looked a right sight. :winter_brr:

    I am having to push myself this week because its my time of the month and my tummy is bloated and the last thing I want to do is walk. grrrrrrr if only !

    Anyone reading this, YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!:D

    Jo x


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:

    :thankyou:for reading!

    Last edited: 30 January 2011
  10. michellethegooner

    michellethegooner Well-Known Member

    wow ur story and weight loss so far is so inspirational, I will follow your thread to see your results you are doing so well, I have a lot to lose as well, would be great if I could c losses like urs :D
  11. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Michelle, thanks for your post. You are doing very well yourself, 12lbs is a great weight loss!:)

    Keep up the good work and you will get there.

    Its hard work when you have a lot of weight to lose. I try to tackle it a bit at a time.

    Good luck on the rest of your journey! Jo x


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  12. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Fri daily steps = 20995 :)

    I managed to go for a walk this morning and again this afternoon:D.

    I have had a good day. We went to dinner this evening at my mum inlaws. I managed to resist her roast potato's and home made apple crumble and custard (waited til I got home and then had a small pot of sugar free jelly) gosh I even suprise myself sometimes with this new found self controll :rolleyes:

    Our little man is teething at the moment and waking through the night. I hope he sleeps through tonight so we can all catch up on sleep.

    My tummy is looking like I have a football stuffed up my jumper. It seems that the smaller I get the larger my Incisional Hernia gets :(

    I am looking forward to having my Hernia repair, hopefully if I keep up the good work I will have my operation by the end of the summer. :woohoo:

    Tomorrow I will have another good day!!


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  13. calorie crusader

    calorie crusader Well-Known Member

    Hi jo

    Firstly well done on a fantastic loss so far! You've had a real tough time the last few years and to now have such a positive attitude is brilliant! Ur right tracking everything you are eating on this forum definitely keeps u motivated (well it does for me!!)

    Keep up all ur hard work and I'm sure ul continue to lose weight over the next few months!
  14. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Calorie Crusader

    Thanks for your post and kind words of encouragement :). I am positive because I have to do this and I know that moaning about it isn't going to help me at all. Its hard somedays as I am sure you are well aware.

    Tracking everything is the way forward I think. I hand write a food diary at home and also write down all my activity steps too. Setting weekly activity targets helps me to stay focused.

    You seem to of made a good start to your weight loss, keep up the good work and come and have a moan if days get tough :D Jo x


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  15. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Sat daily steps = 21629 :)

    Good day again, walked this morning and
    again this afternoon ( as well as walk around the local cornish market world with hubs and little man). :D

    Managed to resist the lovely smelling burgers and hotdogs and hot doughnuts at the market today....... it all smelt lush though :rolleyes:

    Little man slept better last night so we all had a good nights sleep :clap:

    Must go now because Hubby is about to serve up dinner !

    Remember if you are reading : You can do this too !!


    This pic of my two men is all I need to look at for inspiration :heartpump:​

    :thankyou:for reading!
    Last edited: 29 January 2011
  16. tori1971

    tori1971 Active Member

    OMG! You are such an inspiration. I'm gonna start my journey on Tuesday when I join a group and not for the first time! This does however have to be the last time! Good luck and keep up the hard work x
  17. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks for your post, I am pleased I have inspired you. Good luck with your journey and I hope you get off to a good start on Tuesday when you join your group. Feel free to pop back Jo x
  18. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    'oh the sun has got its hat on' :flirt2: woo hoo!

    If the sun is out where you live then its a great day for walking guys & gals (be aware of those cold winds thou) :winter_brr:

    ''Each step I walk is a step closer to my goal'' Jo x
    Last edited: 30 January 2011
  19. Cuteboricua

    Cuteboricua New Member

    Is amazing ..... U have been through a lot same way here almost die twice... I had surgery aprox 7 yrs ago they removed my right ovary due to a cyst a had on my right ovary due to that i got a flesh eating bacteria known as necrotisin fascitis after that i was in recovery for a period of 9 months then i had gasttic bypass i was 289 now im down to 125 but 2 yrs ago i had a intestinal obstruction which almost killed me thank god im still here. But my journey hasnt finished i still have a lot of lose skin i want to have a reconstruction surgery which will cost aprox 30,000$ thats my goal but due to the fact that from all the things that had happened to me i got approved for dissability which unable me to work and pay for.the surgery. But i wont give up.. I hope somebody can help me. I have a nice body nice features but i feel so ashamed of my body that i wont use shorts or tank tops. People think i have a beautiful body but i dont think they will think the same way until yhey see me naked. I have tried exersice but dont work at all not if u have a massive weight loss. I difficult to go to the stores to buy clothes or underwears due to all the lose skin some clothes wont fit well. But beside all that i feel so happy w my weight loss
  20. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thats an amazing story. You have been through such a lot but come so far on your weight loss journey. I have not experienced to much loose skin yet, but I still have a way to go. Fortunately for me when I have my next operation they will be taking away some of the old scar tissue and this will tighten things up a little.

    I do find that exercising from the beginning has help me alot. I wish you all the luck for your future and I hope you eventually get over your last hurdle. Jo x
  21. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Sun daily steps = 25540 :D

    ''Each step I walk is a step closer to my goal''

    I managed to walk this morning, lunch time and again late afternoon. I really had to push myself to get going today but once I got started I really enjoyed the sun shine :)

    My little man enjoyed being pushed in his trike on my lunch time walk too.

    I have had a good day food wise.

    Tomorrow I will have another good day!

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