Kernow Jo:Success Story/ Lost -97.5 lb on WW / Now having Gastric Band Hypnotherapy!

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  1. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Hi my name is Jo and I needed to lose as much as possible for an operation later this year.

    I am following my old ww programme switch (core plan) because this is what has worked best for me in the past. I do however have the discovery plan as well.

    After losing three pregnancies during 2006, 2007, 2008 and giving up smoking, I comfort ate all the way through my pregnancy in 2009 right up until I had a c-section and gave birth to my lovely little boy born June 2009. I had by this time ballooned to a astonishing :eek: 21st.

    After having a successful pregnancy my husband and I decided to carry on and try for another baby hoping to have them close together in age.

    Unfortunately I lost the next pregnancy in November 2009. As if this wasn't enough to cope with, during a gynaecological operation (a erpc), the surgeon 'accidently' perforated my womb and bowel leaving me very unwell and in hospital for 5 weeks.

    My recovery was a complicated one which has left me with a large incisional hernia. I lost some weight but was still weighing in at 18st 2lbs

    My consultant had said I needed to lose as much weight as possible before my next operation to lessen the risks. I saw my consultant again in November 2010 and my weight was down to 17st 6lbs. He was pleased I had lost a little more weight but said he wanted me to lose as much as possible in the next six months.

    I came away from that apt and decided I needed to get my act together. I have a lovely husband and little boy (now 2yrs old). They nearly lost me during my last operation when my bowel was perforated and I needed to do all I can to make sure this next operation goes smoothly with the least risks as is possible.

    I decided I needed to start to exercise so started walking daily. At first I walked between 3000 - 5000 steps a day and gradually increased this. I now walk between 20000 - 30000 steps daily.

    After the first ten weeks I had lost another 25 lbs.

    I was then down to 15 st 9lbs wooohoooo! :)

    I realised that following a healthy food plan and continueing to walk was going to be the way forward for me.

    I have kept this up and am now 12 st 9 lbs :D

    I am now on a waiting list for my hernia repair and hope to have this about September time. I still have another 16 lbs to lose and am trying to get this shifted before my operation so please feel free to pop in, comment or just give general support....... I am grateful for all I can get! :)

    Update 30/09/2011
    I am now 11st 11.5 lbs, It feels good to be well into the 12 stone's, and into size 12 clothes!Woooooo Hoooooo! Total loss 128.5 lbs !

    I had my operation on 8th Sept 2011 and am now recovering at home. The operation was more complicated then the consultant thought it would be so they didn't do the abdominoplasty. This will hopefully be done next year to remove the excess skin I now have from the weight loss but also because the hernia got so large it stretched the skin.

    Read my up to date posts to follow my post operation diary / pics.

    I have attached some pics of my journey, the first is when I was 21st and last 11st 11.5lbs!

    Good luck in your weight loss journey!!

    There are pics of my journey in my profile album, feel free to have a look. You can also click on the pics below!

    Good luck in your weight loss journey!!

    Click on the link below to view my daily diary!

    Kernow Jo: Size 24 down to Size 12 ! Total lost -128.5 lb Wooohooo !

    Thanks for listening! Jo xx

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  3. charm

    charm Member

    A truly inspirational story, I wish you all the best
  4. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks, I do hope my journey inspires others to believe enough in themsevles that that can do this too. I wish you luck on your journey too! x
  5. Destiny88

    Destiny88 Member

    absolutely fantastic
    you deserve a medal !
    what inspiration
  6. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Aw thank you hun, it has been a unforgetable journey with its ups and downs but I am nearly there now so it has all been worth while. If you make a commitment to yourself and work hard then it pays off. Jo x
  7. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    The weather has been great this week so I have managed to get lots of walking in. I am determined to loss those last few lbs before my operation. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so I can walk some more this week. Jo x
  8. Moon Gazer

    Moon Gazer Full Member

    A very inspiring story to hear. I am starting out at a size 24 and cannot imagine ever been as slim as you are now but you go to show it CAN be done. Thanks for sharing x
  9. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks hun. I was standing where you are once and never dreamed I could loss this much weight....... but YES IT CAN BE DONE!! if you stay strong and take each day at a time, stick to a healthy eating paln with a little exercise thrown in, then you too can do this!! Good luck on your weight loss journey! Jo x
  10. Trixtabella

    Trixtabella Full Member

    You look amazing, seriously so many insperational people on these pages.
  11. Pink!

    Pink! Silver Member

    Wow, well done! What an inspiration. You're looking fabulous! I hope that your op in September is successful and that you can enjoy your new body and fitness to the full.
  12. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks hun, you are right about people on here being inspirational. Some of them inspired me to believe in myself, that I could do it too! x

    Thanks hun, I am looking forward to getting my operation out of the way and then I can really enjoy the new me... yay! xx
  13. moonwalk

    moonwalk Full Member

    you are such an inspiration!!
    good luck for your operation
  14. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

  15. Bizzylizzy

    Bizzylizzy Full Member

    Amazing story, good luck with the op
  16. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

  17. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    I have been thinking about maintenance today as in 'keeping the weight off'. I know it is not realistic for me to keep walking for so many hours daily because I need to get my life back on track. I am missing out on things with Harley and just doing family stuff more together.

    I am now going to plan how to keep the weight off long term and work out a walking/exercise plan to help to maintain my weight rather then walking excessively to burn fat.

    Once I have had my operation I am going to be limited to how much I can do for a while and think I need to prepare for this so I don't suddenly go from walking 30000 steps a day down to 5000 steps a day, and risk pileing the weight on.

    So I am going to ease back on the walking and aim to walk around the 20,000 steps aday...... So I will walk for about an hour in the morning and an hour either in the afternoon or evening. then with whatever I walk in between should roughly get me to target.

    Once I am at goal I will plan to walk 10,000 steps a day, so I'll cut my walking down to an hour walking + whatever steps I do in between.

    I don't know how this will work out or what it will do to my weight loss but its a start towards working out what I need to do daily to maintain my weight loss.

    I also found a useful web site for those of you wanting to start walking to lose weight, just click on the link below....hope the link works!

    Walking to Lose Weight Walking Weight Loss Plan

    I hope you find it useful. Jo x
  18. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    An interesting read for those of you who are thinking of walking to lose weight, if you can get hold of a copy. 'The Step Diet' Book by James O. Hill, John C. Peters & Bonnie T. Jortberg.

    I found it a useful read and it got me thinking about walking for exercise. It works on 'Counting steps, not calories, to lose weight and keep it off forever'

    I got my copy off e-bay! They have copies for sale at the moment for less then £3.00 delivered.

    Just a thought for those who would like to move more! :)
  19. Jo, I am so pleased for your that your hard work has paid off. I can really empathise with your situation and how difficult the journey has been after childbirth.

    You look amazing and I wish you all the best for your forthcoming surgery.

  20. Kernow Jo

    Kernow Jo Each step closer!

    Thanks hun, it has been a journey worth taking and I am nearly at goal. The journey will continue with maintainence but it will be easier once I have had my surgery.

    I am happy with how I look now and am pleased I decided to make the changes I needed to in my life.

    Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read my story. Jo x
  21. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Well done Jo, it's about time you got on here and told us your story love ;

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