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..... ketosis advice needed please


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Morning All
Just a nother question for you all, I'm into my 2nd week and try and do my ketostix couple of times a wk bout 6pm ish. Without fail I have been drinking 4 - 7 ltr a day of standard water (maybe 500ml with a bit of flavour no more). I've been having my 3 packs a day - all correct so far BUT my ketostix is purple - the darkest purple on the scale!
Now bear with me as I wish this was telling me I was burning VAST amounts of fat - BUT when I was on LL LLC told me it was a sign of dehydration & I needed to drink more!
Well I cant get anymore down me than 6-7ltr a day, so do you think there's something wrong.
I feel fine in myself - have been a bit headachey but 1ts first week so to be expected (specially with the food I've been eaten prior to SS'ing?
Just wondered if you could help or advice - CDC has told me to check again same time 2day?????????

Clare xxxxxxx
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Hi did you used to drink a lot of water before? My LLC said that is prob why my never changes fro a dark colour because my body was used to drinking 8 or 10 glasses a day, some people only show ketones in their blood and not their urine, do not drink too much water otherwise it has an adverse effect. I have been LL for 4 weeks lost 24lb


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No I didnt drink loads before - but when I abstained on LL programme it was always dark???? So I'm a bit confused about it all really?????????? xxx
Snap Clucks!

every week I have been on LL (i did 15 weeks and am switching to CD this week), without fail the results have been in the purple section of the ketostixx.

I drink without fail 4-6 littres a day.

My LLC always tells me to drink more water, i do but nothing..

Though comfortingly my LLC tells me that whilst doing the diet she was always in the purple and nothing bad happened to her



Going to do this......
just wondering are your sticks out of date?

well done for drinking all that water, are you feeling any other side effects, sorry not a cdc but i will think one will pop alone shortly.


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I wouldn't worry too much.....if you're drinking that amount of water I really wouldn't want you to drink more!!!

Ketostix are funny things...don't use them much me. Some people don't show on them....some people show purple!!

You are burning fat!! hurrah!! maybe you produce more ketones than most? as long as you feel fine and are drinking the water you are doing perfectly.



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Sounds like I'm ok then

Thanks Coley - I couldnt drink anymore. I'm off for my first half pack now as I'm hungry.
I'm not worrying anymore :) :) :) :)


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i always shows as producing loads. i wound up in hospital when pregnant with serena (my youngest) after being sick for one day only, as i was producing tons of ketones, and it took 5 days for the hospital to be happy that i wasnt malnourished. mind you they didnt let me eat for 24hours as they wanted the sickness to go, but my mornig sickness gets so bad i cant even keep water down at times. I only went to a+e as i was thowing up blood. they werent concerned about that though. odd.

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