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Ketosis and weight loss

Has anyone been in ketosis and not lost weight..

I am only asking as I have been in ketosis since day 2 and 1st week lost 7lb :clap: great

But this week (now day 10) although still in ketosis (checking every day). My weight loss seems to have stuck..

This seems strange considering even without being in ketosis surely on the low calorie intake you would still lose weight.

Finding it hard to get all my water intake in could this be the problem ??
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Do you have scales that measure body fat? My weight loss stuck for 3 days in week 2 as well, but the body fat % kept dropping. Then today suddenly another pound fell off!


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My weight moves in an odd fashion too...I lose 3 lbs...gain 1 pound...the lose another 3lbs...all in one week. My body has always done it when I am dieting for the first few weeks.

Stick at it hon...there is no way you can't be losing fat, you're not eating enough...your body is just adjusting...bet you have a decent loss next w.i.

Good luck & keep up the good work x


Proper Little Madam
p.s I am on day 10 too and I put half a pound on from yesterday to today...lol AND I haven't cheated. Roll on weigh day that's what I say. :D
No fat weighing scales unfortunatly .. But is extremely good to hear that I am not the only one with strange and unpredictable weight loss


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I weigh myself constantly. If I have been good it gets so demotivating if my scales say I haven't. And if i have been naughty it just makes you feel even worse.

I know its difficult but I think we should leave the weighing til we go to the CDC.

At least then we can be either pleasantly surprised or demotivated, if the later the CDC is there to ensure we leave in good spirits
The scales can be a pain, but you have to be losing fat if you are sticking to the diet, one day you will stand on them and they will be down a few lbs all of a sudden :)
Thanks everyone.. I have been on the wii fit everyday and it gives you your weight..Its very disheartening to know that I am the same weight as on Friday despite sticking to ss... I am not going to weigh myself now as it is becoming tempting to give up. Will wait till I see CDC x
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Don't give up! I only lost 0.5 lb on my first week yet then lost 7.5 lbs on my second week, all to do with water for me as TOTM in week one. Things suddenly move and then you feel more motivated so stick with it for a bit longer!
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I wouldn't worry about it (though I used to). I lose nothing all week then usually 1lb Sat, 1lb Sun & 1lb Mon. I'm guessing it's because I drink more on a weekend. Stick to it, it'll fall off. xx


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god, those bloody scales!! I've has to get OH to hide them while I was at work as would feel sooo down when they didn't move.
Im just gonna let CDC weigh me.
Im still in ketosis, so something is happening in there!
I have been on the wii fit everyday and it gives you your weight..
DO NOT trust the Wii fit to give you your weight - it's NOT accurate, there have been a few other threads where this has cropped up as well; one of them was about a guy on here who's Wii claimed he had gained 8lbs in a few days while IN Ketosis! BS.

If you put the Wiifit board on carpet, it can add anything up to and over 14lbs! to your "weight". After all, it's only a GAME that is designed to entertain and help you get a bit active, not as a serious weight management system.

Stick to the electronic CDC scale for your weight in.
Once a week, and you'll always see some change, which'll keep you motivated as well :)

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