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ketosis breath

just wondering how you guys deal with this lovely side effect? have to admit that it makes me very paranoid and the last time i was on tfr i found myself backing away from people i was talking to in case id knock them out with the ketone breath :eek::8855:
i know drinking water helps but is there anything else that helps??
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Mad as a Hatter
I use Euthymol Toothpaste - very strong taste and bright pink, but it is brilliant for freshening breath and keeping teeth clean.
Also use the Listerine breath strips, my chemist sells them in packs of 3 units, so I have 1 at work, 1 at home and 1 in my handbag...
Prevention is better than cure !

blue eyes

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Listerine breath strips from a pharmacy are the best things.:)
that's the one thing my husband is not fan of me doing LT for! Hahaha it does make you paranoid, but hey ho, it means its working!
I hate to repeat but listerine strips is a godsend, ya can also get fresh breath sprays from your local grocery store as well and toothpaste
Hiya, I used all of the above lol, listerine, strips and euthymol toothpaste its a brilliant tooth paste really cleans you mouth and breath I really recommend it, my hubbies not keen on me doing this but he understands and is supportive.
hehehehe! sorry. cant help giggling at ur post! just dont freshen ur breath in front of her cos she might think ur getting ready to smooch her!! xx

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