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KETOSIS? Can U go in and out over the day

Hi everyone

I am now on day 5 and i have the Ketostix. I used the stick when i got in from work and it was on the second pink square which i thought - brill im in Ketosis!! but then did another oneabout hour and half later and it was deeper going towards the purple - upped the old water and did one before bed and it was back to between the first and second pink...

when i got up this morning did a stick and it was slightly darker than the first pink..... am i in Ketosis or not.

1. I have a mouth like a camels bum.

2. My OH says my breath smells like ive
eaten doggy doos

3. I dont seem to be craving food, i seem
to have gotten passed the feeling
hungry stage.

Any ideas.... oh yeah I started LT on Monday so this is the 5th day.....
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A little of everything!
I hate ketostix. They worked for me the first week, then showed negative from then on- ALL the time!! I contacted LT and they told me not to use them as they were notoriously unreliable and there were loads of reasons the levels would vary from person to person and throughout the day- like their water intake, the amount of ketones being produced (they only measure excess ketones, so if you're using all you produce they'll show negative!), exercise levels, certain medical conditions etc. etc.
I was 'taken off' LT towards the end as my losses had slowed wayyyy down (was still losing 1-2lbs a week) and my pharmacist did a ketostix which came up negative- as I told him it would. Nevertheless he assumed I'd been eating and wouldn't allow me to continue on tfr!
I wouldnt dwell on the ketostix. If you're not hungry and breath stinks then chances are (at whatever level) you are in ketosis.

It doesnt matter on the colour, provided you stick to the diet 100% it is impossible for it not to work.

thanks heero luva - i am sticking to diet 100% and i even forgot my shake this morning cos i dont feel hungry anymore YAAHHHHHHH!! just having it now.....

i have weighed myself and i seem to have lost 11 lb - not sure if that is possible in 5 days but my scales do weigh same as the chemist ones - anyway at least i should have lost something - hopefully a good amount to spur me on. either way i aint breaking this now - by Christmas I was the sexiest little dress on the new me!!!
Haha Oh the joys of LT. It's as well our OHs love us no matter what.

I personally would not use those ketostix as I've been told they are very unreliable. Just rely on the scales at the end of the week as I bet you'll lose loads! Really looking forward to your weigh in!
It's bizarre the whole ketosis thing...

At some points I'm almost hysterically full of energy and fine...the next I'm shattered and moody.... I'll just be glad when it levels out really


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