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Ketosis Fairy came back home!


has started again!!
After my post about my mega lapse at my Dads party on Friday, I am very pleased to report that the stick went pink tonight!! Yippee!!

(I did buy some new ones as the cheapies I thought were an Ebay bargain never seemed to change colour at all....)

Sadly though, I doubt if I am going to lose weight this week at my Thurs WI....:break_diet: Scales have not budged at all.....:cry:
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Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Sez

Missed your post about the party. Welcome back to our old friend....ketosis!

I am out of ketosis - have been for a week!!! Can't seem to get back in (well, not surprisingly as struggled until Monday morning). How long did it take? I had my first negative reading last week and I know it's three strikes and you're out ie onto management...(well, it is with our LLC).

Any tips? Apart from the obvious....what did YOU do? (or NOT do!!)

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxx


Full Member
Mrs L - that's a surprise. Our LLC has stopped checking ketostix since we started developers. I kept doing it for a couple of weeks and then realised no-one else was...

I guess she might ask if you had a couple of weeks of no loss.

Sez - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll drop a lb in the next 24 hours!


Full Member
Well done Sarah.
Dont worry about the weight loss at the moment, now that you back in ketotsis the weight will start dropping off again in one time.
Mrs L - So glad that my LLC doesnt have a three strike rule, it would be completely painicing me! After my lapsing big style last week at WI on Monday my LLC said that it would take 4 days for ketosis to come back, so for you, guess that you would be for late Fri/Sat morning. When is your WI?

Kate x


has started again!!
Morning! I have never heard the 3 strike rule.Sounds a little unfair anyhow, as my LLC says that (& I am sure its correct) if you drink a lot of water during the day of your wi, your wee is very diluted and may not show any ketones. Surely the weight loss is a truer indication of abstinence (or otherwise!!)

As far as how long it took to get back to ketosis I am not entirely sure, as the sticks I had been using were unbranded Ebay cheapies, and total rubbish! I had my binge on Fri and a little on Sat am; my stick went pink yesterday (Tues) so I guess the 4 days I was told was about right?

Best of luck Mrs L, in getting back to that happy state! I am sure you will do it very soon!

Mrs Lard

Silver Member

I think I may have exaggerated slightly with the 3 strikes...all I know is that one person is yo-yo-ing in Development and she has been told she will be asked to go straight to Management, which seems fair enough. Last week I lost 3lbs but was not in ketosis so maybe the weight loss saved me. Not sure about this week, to be honest. Will find out tomorrow (Thursday) but fear ketosis may come...a day too late.

Will report back but I have to say it's really interesting reading about what people do and don't do at this stage (LLC-wise)!

Will not be able to post until Friday; please, please, please...let there be a loss!!!

Mrs L xx

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