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Ketosis friendly products


I've noticed some people say its ok to drink coke zero because it contains no carbs and more importantly no citric acid.

There are also lots of products online for ketosis friendly water flavours (I have bought an orange flavour one that promises to have no citric acid. We shall see the result when it arrives :p)

Also the be-yu diet contains meals with low carbs, low calories, and no citric acid.

I wonder are these products ok to use with lipotrim or do you think it defeats the purpose. On that note I've also heard adding chiliflakes to the chicken soup lipotrim is delicious.

~J xxx
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For me a no no. TFR = total food replacement. Im sticking just to shakes to brake bad habbits.
Do you have any tips? lol I find the shakes hard to drink....


Here we go again!
I agree with MissDesperate about TFR. No additions cos that's not the point. You're supposed to be cleansing your palette, hence why the shakes are slightly bland!

Saying that, we all do this journey differently, to suit ourselves, so if you want to include these products in the diet that's obviously completely up to you.

I find the shakes are a lot nicer ice cold. I only have choc and strawberry and always made with really cold water. Once you have done the diet for a couple of weeks I bet you will like the shakes better, most of us do.

Good luck on your journey however you do it.
I shall keep that in mind :) Thanks
I always make my shakes with crushed ice and sweeteners - makes them feel naughtier! I stay away from anything like water flavours as the pharmacist told me these weren't a good idea. x
Well too be honest with you Im so sick of conflicting advice from my GP, the pharmacy, and lipotrim themselves. So I've taken the approach to text everything in moderation (1. Movicol did NOT take me out of ketosis, and 2. Coke Zero did NOT take me out of ketosis).

I understand though that not everyone is the same and perhaps thats why theres so much conflicting information.

I do have a few rules Im sticking to for the moment:
Nothing with citric acid
Nothing solid
No nibbling or picking
No giving in to temptation! :)

Fell off the wagon today, but its the last time! Tomorrow is a new day and even though I fell off the wagon today, and I know theres a steak dinner which is in the oven no one wants. I refuse to go the "In for a penny in for a pound" approach!!

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