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Ketosis... How do you know?

Hi There,
I'm coming to end of day 3 CDSS - not sure if i'm in Ketosis..? I bought some sticks from ebay but they're still showing negative. Are there any other signs?

Been doing OK (could knaw off my left arm) and think I'm heading in right direction as I've lost 10lbs according to my scales :eek:. Plus jeans are loose and boobs are already smaller :sigh: - Not sure if it's all just water?
Hope you guys can help.
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oh and you wont feel hungry !!!! im on day roll on . ketostix cheaper in chemist cost a fiver . if they question you tell ur a diabetic
When are you testing? Best time is in the morning as you havent drank any water and the ketones arnt diluted. Check again in the morning. Fabb weight loss so far aswell well done. Have you smelly breat that is usually a fairly good sign? do you feel happy like really happy?

becky xxxxxxx


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if there are ketones in wee it will show up regardless of time of day , although yes wee is stronger in the morning . i no im on the way cos i got the sweet kind of taste in mouth ..... either that or im salivating over the dog


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great loss . im a scale hopper , but they broke recently. i lost a stone before xmas then had to stop for hysterectomy so at least no more ttom for me !!!! got another stone to go
Thanks for info ;o)) Could go for our dog too... but he's a bit smelly !
Will try stix tomorrow morning... I have been drinking loads (nearly 3 litres) from virtually nothing but tea.
I am at the end of day 4 (it seems like so much longer though!!!!) and i'm not sure if i'm there or not.
Sometimes have a funny taste in my mouth and my teeth and tounge feel kinda furry, is this normal????


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oh yes thats normal . the first time i went into ketosis ( and trust me ive fallen off this wagon so many times ) i felt great , not hungry , full of energy . at this moment im starving , headache but getting the sweet taste in my mouth. it sounds like your prob in ketosis

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