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Ketosis hunger

Hi Peridot

I have exactly the same thing - sometimes quite a number of times a day! I actually asked LLC at class last week "how do you know the difference between physical hunger and being absolutely blooming starving" was told emotional is just fleeting (you think about something which you want and you are hungry) whereas physical hunger takes time to develop.
It is an awful feeling but just drink more water!
I was not aware ketosis was supposed to stop the hunger! Are you sure that is correct?

Ketosis is a hunger protection at a physical level for most but obviously doesn't offer protection against psychological hunger.

I was never physically hungry on the diet but when I used to smell bread or bacon or roast dinners then I used to think I was "hungry" for them.

I always look at it is that if I was physically hungry I would be awake at night with it but if I could reason it out i.e. it was when I walked past the bakers then it must be psychological.

And ultimately 99% of this diet is in your head and hence if you can see past the fleeting hunger then you can and will be slim.

I have the psychological hunger pretty much constantly but this is definitely physical hunger (and my pee sticks are textbook so I know I am in ketosis)
Sorry hear that Peri and I have had a few customers who have been in full ketosis but have reported the same symptoms.

You are doing so well with your losses that all I can do is say try and hang in there or maybe move up to 790 if you think that would help.

A couple of things here...be careful drinking too much water as it's dangerous & can be fatal! 5-6 litres a day is the max you should be drinking! Are you excercising? I have found when I do I definately get hungry & suspect that it's just that more fat is being used up! For me physical and emotional hunger also feel the same so I now have a mental checklist of what it is! I try to space my packs & have them evenly (9,1,4 & 9) and get hungry when they are more than an hour late! Ice she cant do 790 option as there is non on LL! You are coming up to milk week though & it may be worth a thought & despite being against it I did one & felt much better! Hang in there!
i always get physically hungry the week before my TOTM. as mentioned above im sure it is to do with the fact that my body is using more calories during this time.
Hope you start feeling less hungry soon
Hi Peridot

I seem to remember that hormones did affect my hunger until my cycle stopped altogether! And exercise, too. I've only recently stepped up the exercise and I really did notice a difference.

The other thing that other Minis suggested to me was to space out the packs so have half a pack at a time. When I was fully hormonal, I was indignant! One pack was never enough, never mind half!!!

But they were right; on Saturday night, I did a gym workout and then had half a Thai Chilli pack and it did the trick.

Just a suggestion.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxx
I got the feeling of physical hunger all the time too. I was 100% on LL and there was a definate "physical" hunger at times.

I'm on CD now and I still feel hunger too. I think a lot of it is at habitual times - I feel hungry before lunch and just when I come home.

Sometimes it makes me feel miserable but at other times I just accept it and move on. I guess hormones play a big part in my hunger too!
Ketosis reduces the sensation of physical hunger, yes - but despite the protestations of the official L line I knew that if I forgot my lunch and walked to and from home, when I got home I was certainly 'hungry' for my packs - whether that was conditioned hunger or not I couldn't say. Part of the drill is working out if it is physical hunger or emotional or conditioned hunger (ie - it's 1pm therefore lunchtime or it's 8 o'clock so I should have had dinner by now). Sometimes feelings of hunger can be triggered by the oddest things - I am realising at work that I feel 'hungry' when I get emails I don't know the answer to. Feeling less than competent makes me think I need food. Maybe your hunger kicks in because of an internal desire or an external influence...hope that makes some sort of sense.

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