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Ketosis & ketostix


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Evening :)

My ketostix arrived today so I did one straight away. I have drunk alot of water today, and it still showed a ketone of +1. Does this mean that I am in ketosis? How dark should I expect my sticks to get? I know they're only a guide but I am curious I guess...
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If you turn your stick any of the shades of pink it means you have ketones in your pee pee which is good!! It doesn't matter what shade you turn it, just thet you turn it. I prefer to think of a weak reading as a good sign i'm drinking plenty of water:)


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I agree its fun, Ive got some Ketostix from years ago, and I cant wait to start peeing on them in a couple of days!


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lmao... girly thing..
Well I love peeing on sticks - when I found out I was pregnant with both my babies I was still peeing on them till about 8 weeks!
Glad to know that the fat is being burned.. Makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. :)


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I was peeing on sticks for aaaaaaaaages when I was pregnant, and looking at how much darker the lines got! Thats one of the reasons I am looking forward to the ketostix! Will remind me of those days!! Most def a girly thing I reckon!!


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waste of money just stick to the rules in the book will happen

Not essential, but not a waste, they're good for people new to ketosis as a bit if reasurance, they also help let u know if you've eaten something that brings you out of ketosis- cheese is allowed in the rule book but does affect some people


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does anyone know wher i can buy ketostix and how much do u pay for them? im in dublin ;)
Many chemists wont sell them unless the recipeint is diabetic - for example Boots. I got mine from www.chemistdirect.co.uk - cost £7.95p incl. p&p.


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I get mine free from my friends at work. Like wise with pregnancy tests, I have a box of 20 just waiting for us to start trying so i can pee on them!
ive never used them and dont intend on doing so, i have a reliant OCD of too many things, cant do the ketostix too haha
I never needed them to know I was in Ketosis, the bad breath, BO and stinky fluorescent pee were enough of a guideline. ;)


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ive never noticed the bad breath tbh - maybe ive always had bad breath. my stick was only pinkish this morning. prob all the water ive been drinking.

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