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Ketosis & Kissing!!!!

S: 19st8lb C: 18st9lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 0st13lb(4.74%)
I've got a big date tomorrow night, really excited but now on day 4 of restart and my tongue is starting to feel horribly fuzzy :eek: Anyone got any tips on how to sort this problem out by tomorrow? If I ate a little to take myself out of ketosis would my tongue be back to normal tomorrow? Had the mouse tongue first time round but it lasted a couple of weeks I'm sure. Definately need to be minty fresh tomorrow!
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Drink plenty of water. Try theramed mouthwash and toothpaste in one - superdrug do it in a mini size version you can put in your handbag!



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There's also the minty 'plastic' strips you can get from Tesco; I think; and Gold Spot & other spray breath fresheners which work. Good luck on the date!xxxx


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Def try those plastic type strips, they freshen you up lovely! I used to love that 'going on a date' feeling, butterflies in your tummy, etc :sigh: My hubby won't come near me when i'm in Ketosis, calls me Halitosis Helen....that's love for you!


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<GASP SHOCK HORROR> you're planning to KISS on a first date?!? hahahahaha. Dont flipping blame you! Read somewhere SMINTS (so long as you dont neck the whole lot!) are ok in moderation. Dont you DARE eat on day 4 of re-start missus - you have just done the worst few days. Think how bad you'd feel if it all went tits up next week?!

Gossip better be forecoming after the date :) xx
S: 19st8lb C: 18st9lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 0st13lb(4.74%)
Tell you what, this has been the easiest restart ever! How do you eat when the butterflies are constant. Realised now that I must eat out of boredom and dissatisfaction because haven't even been able to have my 3 packs a day. Usually I'm ravenous and on my 4th pack by teatime. :)
Sorry to be a pain but those strippy-breath-freshener thingys can knock some people out of ketosis.

The best thing is Goldspot breath freshener and good old toothpaste.

Good luck with the date!

S: 19st8lb C: 18st9lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 0st13lb(4.74%)
Well... no problem with the tongue or breath issue. Gold spot, theramed and brushing tongue all worked wonders - thanks. BUT date was pretty arrogant and full of himself, giving me tips on how to improve my life!! He's a real go-getter, very money oriented. I'm usually pretty confident and up for a laugh but found myself shrinking in comparison - I could even feel my voice becoming quieter and quieter with little to say. Reasonably happy with my life but pretty unambitious I suppose, felt I should be doing more to live life to the full - as he is. Ended date as quickly as poss. home and tucked up in bed by 10.30. :sigh:
Oh i have a whole volume of "The whose who of crap" to share with you.
For now I'm concentating on me - that way no one can distract me from weight loss plan!! :)

S xx

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