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ketosis measurement


maintaining since June'09
It's not necessarily particularly accurate though. I've done mine 2 hrs apart and had completley different readings (ie in and not in ketosis) when I've had nothing in between. It's often only an indication of that precise moment in time and - a bit like the scales, can be offputting when there's no need to be put off! x


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I use ketostix which work fine. To be honest you dont really need to know the actual measurements, the colours are a good enough indicator. Pink is good purple means you need to drink more water.


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i would stay away from the stix, i used them the first time round and was always worrying about the different readings , if you aint hungry your in ketosis x


I will do this!!!
I love having the stix they always put my mind at rest even if i know im in ketosis its still reasuring to see the stick turn pink!


maintaining since June'09
But can be soul-destroying when they don't ..... even when logically you MUST be in ketosis. :( - this has happened to me, and on weeks when I've had the biggest losses .... all I'm saying is don't rely on outside influences. If you're doing it 100% you can't NOT be losing weight ... not unless you're incredibly near your target. :) x


I will do this!!!
If your drinking plenty of water they hardly change colour because your urine isn't very concentrated.
a question...?

:sign0144: so hello to everybody and thank you for the ongoing inspiration!
I just have a question for you more experienced lipotrimmers as I'm very new to this myself:confused:.
I'm on day 10 and doing ok loss-wise I think. I haven't cheated once and am drinking plenty of water but I do empathise with Corkguy in that I still feel quite hungry. I'm coping with this with water and teas etc but I know it's making me a bit cranky :badmood:. I have a positive outlook and am stubborn as hell so commitment isn't the problem at this point anyway!
Q: Does anyone think I might not be in ketosis for some reason as I'm still feeling hungry?
I haven't tried the ketostix as I agree with Jan that I don't want to fixate on something if it's not really a problem but perhaps there is a problem :gen144: ?!?!?
One thing that I think might be influencing it is a batch of medications I need to take every night, included in these are some supplements in capsules which might possibly be upsetting the "delicate balance" I was told about. (omega 3 & monthly cycle capsules).
So... Anyone any ideas?!?! :sign0163: I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Chocoholica. Firstly well done on your first loss, 7 lb is Fantastic. As for the medication did you tell the pharmacy about them (mine asked me about medicines at the start of the programme) they may be able to give you advice on this sort of thing or the Lipotrim helpline possibly. If you feel that they may interfering with the TFR.
Ho Choco, I still had feelings about wanting to eat well into week 2, but they DID pass and the LT diet was an absolute breeze after that.
I hope you get that feeling very soon, you will feel a million times better. Good luck, hun.
thanks guys - really appreciated your feedback x

Thank you for the advice and encouragement Hellie Eds and Supaslimma:thankyou:
Had a really hungry day today and it wasn't helped as I was surrounded by tons of gorgeous foods due to being at a fancily catered conference :argh: :D But I got thru it thank the lord and am now sitting comfortably on the sofa in front of telly :sigh: Really hope this starts getting easier soon!!!
I'll call the pharmacy tomorrow to talk about it. She knows about the medication but I didn't mention the supplements as didn't think it important - doh:copon:
Big thank you again for the support, coming here and reading your posts and stats really help me :eek:;)

Day 11 almost done - yay!!!

Congratulations to all those losing their pounds:happy096: very inspirational!


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