Ketosis on day 2


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There you go. I knew it. Woke up with a horrible taste in my mouth so I weed on a ketostick and it's pink, halfway up the scale too, not just a tiny bit pink.


Amazing eh?
I must try and buy some of those sticks tomorrow. I am on day 3, but not sure if I am in ketosis or not.
Hi does anyone know where you can get the ketosistix in ireland, are they in a pharmacy? Thanks day 4!!
woohoo that didnt take long :)

Bizarre isn't it? I thought I was heading that way after about 19 hours of starting LT on Monday, but thought I was maybe imagining it. Monday night I was so cold I decided to leave LT till later in the year and just go low carb/ low fat/ low cal. Thursday morning I stepped on the scales and was so mad that I did a full day LT yesterday and this morning, full blown ketosis.

Thrilled is too small a word. I feel in control of my body, it knows what I want and I know what to do, if you see what I mean...
I am on day 3 and just used a ketostix and I am not in ketosis yet, but I dont feel hungry. Weird lol.
you are lucky....i only went into ketosis at the end of day 6. Having said that it means i won't cheat as i know i will have to do LT a whole week before ketosis!
guys i'm expecting an out of body experiance when i go into ketosis am i expecting too much?!!:p xxx
lol - maybe.

mine started last night. My tongue started to taste icky and then hubby walked in the room and said whats that smell? Turned out it was my breath,,,,,,:eek: nasty or what???

But at least my body is accepting LT, i knew someone who passed out on day 4 and had to give up so very very proud of myself for sticking with it :D