ketosis question???


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i have just bought my ketosis strips from boots, and i have just done one and my results are...neg o.....does this mean i am not in ketosis yet?????? i am on day 5 of ss surely i should be in it by now??? how do i get in it?? oh dear so many questions...what am i doing wrong

if its pinkish, that means ur burning fat.
if not pink, you shd be ketosis-ing pretty soon now.

water water water!!


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It took me till day 5 this time and then only in the morning-it's taken till today to show pink all through the day so far.HTH


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Dont worry, I read that it can take some people 2 weeks to get fully into ketosis, it just depends on the individual. If you are doing everything properly you will be burning fat already, so dont be disheartened. Thats why they advise not to have the bars for the first 2 weeks-cos the extra carbs could poss stop you getting into ketosis.

Like Jenna said, keep drinking, stick to SS 100% and you'll soon be in ketosis.

Good luck! xx


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My sticks never turned pink, but whether they have turned pink or not, doesn't change anything.

If you are sticking to the diet, you will lose weight regardless of what the stick says :)

Keep on trucking and guzzling the water :)