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Ketosis stick


somebody shrink me
As far as I know, its the darker the pink the better, so it's a good thing that you're a darker shade of pink!
i just wonder why some days you have more ketones than other days. just weird that i never had it that light.


somebody shrink me
Sorry, I read your post incorrectly :eek:

It may just be the amount of water you've had today? I only ever check my first wee of the day, which I'm certain someone told me was the most accurate reading.-- although I am by no means an expert, so anyone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong!

I'd just advise you to check again in the morning. If you're sticking to the diet, you're DEFINITELY burning fat, no matter what
im working on my THIRD degree right but still i cannot understand this ketosis thing..no matter how much i read it over and over again..



Minimins gal x
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Ladies Ketostix can be very confusing and sometimes misleading.
If u want to use them then its best if u test in the morning around the same time each day.
Also its not good for you to have a very dark reading as this means your body has 2 many ketones which inturn means u r not drinking enough water.
Also sometimes they are not even a very acurate reading, things like leaving the lid open on the bottle or if they are old can give you an inacurate reading.
Certain symptons usually mean u r in ketosis, they usually are :
Nasty taste in your mouth
Dont feel phyisical hunger

If you are following the diet 100% then there will be no reason why by the end of the first week u will not be fully in ketosis (when u r in ketosis u r constantly burning fat)
Hope this is not making u even more confused.
Take care and well done for starting a vlcd diet xx

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