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Ketosis Sticks

Your CDC will probably have some. I tried to buy from Boots and Superdrug and couldn't get any.
My friend tried to get hers from a chemist but they wouldn't give them to her as she wasn't diabetic!


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Can anyone tell me where I can buy the sticks from. I asked in my chemist and they did not have a clue what I was talking about'
That's a worry!

I got mine from Lloyds chemist. They are called Ketostix. HTH x
yep any chemist ketostix
Chemists do still sometimes get stroppy as they don't approve of ketogenic diets!
I have been turned down before from lloyds. I got mine from Lloyds this time, but they are cheaper from the CDC.

Thanks everyone for your replys will ask my councilor Monday if not I will try Lloyds.:)


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I'm a bit intrigued as to why you want them, though.

Your losses are looking great. There's very little doubt in my mind that you're following the diet 100% to get losses like that - so why on earth would you want the additional expense of buying a pot of sticks just so that you can watch one turn pink? In fact, I'll just add that there are a few people here on the forum who've never seen a stick turn pink - but have very successfully lost shedloads of weight.

Sorry to rant - but the whole testing for ketones thing drives me nuts. Maybe in the very early stages of the diet, it's nice to know - but after that?? :confused:

Ketosis keeps you from being too hungry on this diet - but it's the lack of calories that actually causes the weight loss. Being in ketosis doesn't accelerate weight loss on CD.

Right, rant over. :)


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It's the entertainment value of weeing on a stick that I buy them for :D
LOL. :D:D:D It's true that since I gave up eating, my life seems somewhat emptier...

I knew I must be missing something :D
i got mine from boots, although i did try a few chemist and they all said they don't stock them or they had ran out.
Asda and Tesco will order them in for you.


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I would go to a pharmacy which does Lipotrim as they will be used to selling ketostix to vlcd-ers.


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