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Ketosis Taste

Hi all
I am fairly new to this forum and am finding the threads really useful for keeping me on track.

I just want to ask if anyone has any ideas to get rid of the awful metallic/ketosis taste I have. I have been drinking loads of water but it doesn't help at all. It is driving me mad and am considering eating some carbs just to get rid of it. Would welcome any advice.

Thanks x
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I wouldn't start eating...you want ketosis! You can brush your teeth, get a tongue scraper, rinse your mouth or buy some breath freshner.
Thanks Bunny Hops

I have tried the rinsing and breath freshener, will have to look for a tongue scraper in Boots.

Is this taste temporary or should I expect it to stay for the whole time I am following this diet and in ketosis?
Yup the dog breath can last a while lol I've ordered some breath strips fae amazon hopefully that'll help!!! Xxxxxx drink loads o water and put up with it the weight loss wil be worth it xxxx


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It will go it's just the early days till your body adjusts.

It's rotten smelly socks breath I know :(, I clean my teeth more frequently now. keep a little tube of toothpaste in your bag when you go out, even if you are just smearing it and rinsing it, it will help.

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Thats the one thing that I cannot stad - and the breath strips are like eating a manky toothpaste... *shudder*.... This is one reason I do not go down the whole 'ketosis' route when doing LCD, I dont find that I benefit or notice the positives as such and therefore I refuse to put up with the negatives! LOL! This allows me to drink anything low cal such as squash n diet coke etc as I struggle with plain water and find it hard to get the zero stuff, let alone like it!!
In the early days the best thing I found for it was a mouthwash after cleaning teeth every time - this seemes to combat it the best but again if you are going totally keto then you have to check the ingredients as most are a strict no...!! xx
Remember that most chemists sell hydrogen peroxide, which can be used as a mouthwash when diluted with water. Instructions will be on the bottle. This kills bacteria which grow in your mouth and on your tongue, with no added sweeteners or anything that could affect ketosis. If you don't have a tongue scraper just use your toothbrush. I have been brushing my tongue clean since I was 5 years old and I don't know how people can stand to have "morning tongue" all day!


Sensibly losing :)
^^ totally correct - infact its been proven that you have LESS naughty bacteria in your mouth to cause odours as you dont eat proper food and mmilkshake doesnt get stuck in ya teeth...!!! Its not a 'mouth smell' - its coming from the lungs and inside the body as you exhale the 'science bits' LOL!.... its just generally YUK! Mint stuff can help make your mouth feel fresher but I find I need to clean my teeth straight after a shake anyway as just the shake leaves me with a 'milky/stale mouth' and I cant stand it!!!

nothing you can do if you want the good ol ketosis!! xx

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