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Ketosis- The Controversy


One last chance
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I have found a very interesting article about Ketosis in low carb diets. This is really good as it just may be the article to shut those up who keep on bad mouthing LT. Turns out, ketosis in this diet is very good for you.

While people who advocate low-carbohydrate diets say there is nothing wrong with a body going into ketosis, there are those who believe that carbs are necessary for proper body function and that ketosis is a signal that the body isn't functioning properly.

They say the excess ketones and acetone produced by the body during ketosis are actually dangerous poisons that can lead to toxicity.

There is, in fact, a form of ketosis known as ketoacidosis, which affects diabetics and is potentially life threatening. Because their bodies lack insulin, blood glucose can build up in a diabetic's body, leading to excessive urination, thirst, dehydration and the burning of fat. It also lowers the pH of the blood, which can be dangerous.

However, the sort of ketosis that the body goes through in low-carb dieting is not this harmful type. In fact, advocates of this type of diet will tell you that the heart, kidneys and some other organs prefer the energy that comes from ketosis to that formed by glucose.

They say that the body does not actually need to consume glucose to properly function, and any glucose that is needed in the body can be manufactured from protein in the liver.

For more info on Ketosis and the symptoms click here:
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thanks for sharing hun, really interesting.

x x


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It was a very good article! Thanks for posting it!!


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Well, we wouldn't feel so well if it was bad would we? Thanks for posting.

(Posting willy nilly in the hope of being allowed to see the pictures....)
see its all good


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thanks for that. was very interesting!


One last chance
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You're all welcome. If only people would do their research a little more :rolleyes:
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Hi Yasmine, thanks for the post on ketosis. it took months of persuading my hubby to let me go on the lipotrim diet, mainly because he is an insulin dependent diabetic. He thought that the ketosis that u go into on LT was the same as the ketones he sometimes gets when his blood sugar is high, which is dangerous and puts your kidneys under added stress. So it just goes to show how people can be quite ignorant about LT and not really understand how the diet really does work. A few people at work are a bit dubious about my diet, and you can tell that they don`t really approve of it, but i`m hoping in a few weeks they`ll begin to see how much better I look and feel, and until then....i`m gonna do the best I can to lose this dreaded weight once and for all! Hope you have another briliant week. :)

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