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ketosis then 1hr later not ????


going to do it!!!!
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hi there anyone understand this...i did ketosix tonight and it turned pink straight away id had 2 choccy tetras throughout the day i was well pleased as i was thinking it would take 3 days at least and just started again yesterday THEN because im a bit obssesive and after my porridge ive just retested and its now showing no ketones and i cant understand why and now i just want to go and eat:cry:
any ideas why this has happened??
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Hi Jo,

Don't feel bad. This happends to me all the time. One minute it's pink them not.

I'm still in Ketosis. To get a true reading I find it helps to hold your wee a bit instead of going as soon as you feel you need to. Sometimes when your wee is not strong due to lots of water etc it won't show.

Once you show Ketones you are in Ketosis even if the stick does not go pink.

Some people never produce a pink stick and are in Ketosis.

I hope this helps.
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hi josie,
am having the same prob and i havent cheated i.e one day it shows purple next its clear so i'd say dont worry about it. its probably the ketostix. am not loosing sleep over it as i know am not hungry and no headaches and tiredness which means am in ketosis. so good luck hun and dont eat pliz u will prolong ur journey.


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Hiya Jo and Salchichi, The best and most accurate time to test for ketosis is your first wee of the day. They'll be most concentrated at this time, and most likely to show up on your stick. The later in the day you do it, the more dilute your wee is because of all the water you'll no doubt be drinking.

Like Claudine said once you're in ketosis there'll be ketones present all the time but they don't necessarily show up, so long as you're ssing and haven't eaten anything off plan, you'll stay in ketosis regardless of what it says on the stick.

It can become a bit of an obsession testing for ketones. I still do it all the time purely because I've got an unlimited supply of ketostix at work, this time round I'm only going to test to make sure i've got back into ketosis and then I'm going to try very hard, very very hard to not check any more.

Hope this has made you feel better about the whole ketosis thing.


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KD's guide for reading ketostix :)

Beige. You may be in ketosis
Pink. You may be in ketosis
Purple. You may be in ketosis.

It's a really easy one to remember.

KD's tip for buying ketostix

Don't. Save money, buy clothes :)

Hope that helps :)
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LOL oh KD you crack me up! LOL:8855::8855:
I'm totally with KD, if you're not hungry, don't have a headache, are drinking plenty of water and most importantly you are losing weight, does it really matter if the stick you just peed on (YUCK by the way!) is beige, purple or green with yellow polka dots???
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Agree with KD & Kelly, I never tested for ketosis, my CDC didn't have the stix. I always knew though because my mouth would feel like bottom of a birdcage! (Yuk again!) You get used to the feeling in the end, but as KD says, whether you are or not right now, you WILL be very soon, so stop worrying and get on with your life and with the diet... and watch the lbs melt away!



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Have also never peed on a stick or been offered one by my CDC hence never obsessed about being in ketosis or not :D

I like being ignorant to it all LOL


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I think ketosticks should be banned from the diet :) as makes ya obsessed about being in ketosis.....like other have said if ya haven't cheated.. mouth feels and tastes like a sewage ya more than likely in ketosis...sod what colour a pee stick says lol...was bad enough when i had to chase me dog round the garden with em as she was diabetic..never mind me doing it haha x


going to do it!!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanx guys
im not going to obsess anymore with the daft sticks!! im freezing cold full of energy and have a mouth that tastes so minging and ive lost 4 lb so and weigh in not til monday so that will do me:D


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The best way to tell is on the scales or with the measuring tape at the end of the day...........oh yeah and if you are a bit cold and have "DEATH BREATH" yep your in.

Love KD's comment hee hee hee xx

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