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Ketosis. Whats it like?


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Sorry to keep bombarding with what may seem like daft questions, but Im new to this LT malarky and need help :D

Ketosis. When do we 'slip into it'? Also, what does it feel like?! How will I know?
Oh god, i sound like a proper virgn..lol :8855:

Also does anyone else want to cover Bea in honey and throw her to the bee's? Shes horrible! (Big Bro)
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Ketosis normally happens on the 7th...ish day. Ketosis stops you feeling hungry and 2 symptoms i have are furry teeth and stinky breath (horrible i know but its true!)


I will do this!!!
I also use ketostix from boots or superdrug that indicate if im in ketosis or not


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Ketosis aka 'magic mr k' can pop up around days 3/4 or even a week, varies from person to person really! A definite indication of his arrival can be noticed on the breath or a taste in the mouth (I think its a sweet taste), if your a smoke cigarettes have this weird sweet taste to em- not that I eat em lol.

Also ketosis sticks can show whether your there or not, if you havent heard of em, their little pee sticks that change colour indicating ketosis and you should ask your pharmacist for some. Althoug some people prefer not to use them as they can sometimes not register and be inaccurate.

Hope this helps, and with ther questions feel free to fire away, there is always someone here to help, we have all been where you are now :D x
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Ketosis can bring with it lots of energy (alas not to me!!!!) and you stop feeling so hungry.


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