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ketosis worry ...

ok so just ended day 4 on SS.

bought some Ketostix as recommended from boots today - and i am the 2nd from lightest colour.
Does that mean i'm on my way to full blown ketosis??
or am i still losing water and not burning fat yet??

i dont understand what the colours mean!! hah.

any help would be lovvvvvvveddd

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please try again
if the stick changes colour at all then ur in ketosis

well this is the first stick ive done, and it literally is the slightest shade darker than the first plain white one...

oh god i hope im in ketosis.
i wanna burn fat soooooo bad as my boyd likes holding onto it haha.

what can take you out of ketosis???
My cdc said, if you drink the water of which your suppose to be drinking, then the stixs should go the lightest of pinks, if it goes any darker than you are not drinking enough water and your body is still dehydrated, she said drinking water dilutes the colour on the stix but you will still be in ketosis, hope this helps!

Welcome to ketosis!

Night all i have to go get in shower, i keep stalling...xx

well.. that is good to know :D

i guess its good to have them because u can tell when ur dehydrated too!!

amazing stuff.
Yep, as Minz said somewhere else, it's best to be on a very light pink - it shows that you're hydrated enough :)
well i was in ketosis.. then did it again jsut before i went to bed.. and i'm out of it :S

mehh... strange.

how do i read the diary???

thankkingg youuu

well i was in ketosis.. then did it again jsut before i went to bed.. and i'm out of it :S
You would have been drinking water all day at this point so it doesn't suprise me it LOOKED like you were out of ketosis but I'd bet my life on it you weren't! When you've drunk a lot of water you've flushed out a lot of your ketones so it does appear very pale if it appears at all (like you found last night!).
It's like if you weigh yourself throughout the day(not a good idea either), at different times of day you're going to weigh different amounts, it's exactly the same when testing for ketones, it will be pretty dark in the morning due to not drinking all night (you'll be a bit dehydrated) then at night it will be very light if it even shows at all because you've been drinking all day (you'll be very hydrated).
I hope this helps hun.;)
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yeah thanks. i did do it just before i went to bed so that could be it!!!

thanks for the info.

best time to check is in the morning 1st wee of the day. Any pink and you are in ketosis the darkest pink suggests you might be a wee bit dehydrated aswell but if your drinking plenty of water dont worry about it :) i drink 4litres and sticks go dark

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