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  1. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    Im there! woooop! :bliss:
    its my 4th day on SS. im feeling much better today.
    Had a sneaky weigh in today too, 8lb lost. wow.
    i wonder what it will be on wednesday my atcuall weigh in day!
    im glad i did have a sneaky weigh, now im super motivated!
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  3. JeniPring

    JeniPring Full Member

    thats fantastic dizzy well done u :)
  4. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

    Well done
  5. Tracey1404

    Tracey1404 Enjoyin' my journey....

    Well done Dizzyflowers. I went into ketosis on day 4 this week too - lovely to get rid of that headache. Great news on your sneaky weigh-in, no wonder you are super motivated. Hope I get good news at my first WI on Monday. Let's keep each other posted, we've got roughly same amount of weight to lose (I think I have half a stone more).
  6. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    Hi Tracey!
    Yer being in ketosis feels great! and iv had no cravings today, so im happy!
    def keep you posted, we'll get there soon enough! i cant wait to look back at xmas photos next year and for once in my life not cringe!
    Im sure you'l have a fantastic loss this week, let me know!
  7. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Doesn't it feel marvellous to lose so much -keep up the good work!
  8. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    if def does!
    considering lastnite i was about ready to give up i was so hungry!
    8lb off in 4 days, no way am i giving up.
    plus im not hungry any more!
  9. imagisal

    imagisal Full Member

    Great start, best wishes for your first official weigh in!
  10. Tracey1404

    Tracey1404 Enjoyin' my journey....

    cheers - with you on the photograph front - one of my goals is to stop avoiding mirrors (the person I see aint the person I feel inside)! Will post WI results here on Monday eve.
  11. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

    Good luck for tonight

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