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would somebody be kind enough to exlain to me exactly what ketosis feels like and the benefits... I know the booklet mentions it briefly but, would like to hear from experience... Im on day three and holding on by a few threads for it, but unsure what to expect?
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There are a few symptoms like bad 'death' breath, being quite cold, not being very hungry.... Keep glugging the water, have a nice bath and an early night, you should see the elusive 'Big K' tomorrow.
It definitely depends on the person in terms of how long it takes and how you feel.

Some people have lots of energy, but others have reported never getting that energy rush. Some days are good some are not so good. If ketosis helps to make you feel less hungry, which it should, that's great. Try not to focus too much on it though, as you're doing so well and a large part of the diet is the minimal cals as well as the ketosis.
So don't worry if you don't feel like you have bags of energy!
Thanks , I was hoping to hear about a great high... and off we go I think lol....
Well I guess Ill find out soon enough....
thanks guys for advice
See if your CDC has any Ketostix - I only had the dog breath sign at first, and the sticks reassured me that I was actually in Ketosis and not just needing to floss. Later I got the being cold sign, but that was a few weeks in.
Well I did have a high and a massive amount of energy for the most part. However, there were days and even weeks where I felt cr*ppy, tired and all I wanted to do was sleep!

So if you have the fab feelings in ketosis and then have a bad day, don't worry about things, it's completely normal hun :)
Misspinky, I did read about those stix so will ask, thanks...

Watergirl, thanx.... I will hope for loadsa energy lol..... and if I sleep it sleeps away the tedium of it all ....

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