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Morning people...I was just wondering what kind of signs you get that you are in ketosis? I dont have the sticks to wee on, but I have got a very strange sweet taste in my mouth and tmi but my wee smells like sugarpuffs! could this be a sign that I'm in ketosis? Also I could not get to sleep last night and am normally a really good sleeper and I am very restless today, like i have over dosed on caffeine!! I haven't touched a drop:eek:
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yay!! I was hoping thats what it was. OOh does this mean I am now burning my stored fat? I love ketosis lol never been so lively :D


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:woohoo:woohoo I've always wanted to be one of them! lol:D
its great isnt it i used to be in bed by 10 and have probs getting up at 7-45 now go to bed at 11 and wide awake at 7 plus dont feel tired in the afternoon anymore
i love this way of eating :D


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Oh on a school night im usually in bed by 10 the latest and up at 7 - i need my bed.


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I was in bed at 12 last night but couldnt get to sleep til 4! then up at 7! and I'm not even tired from it now!!:D
I go at about 11-12 and always wake up with hubby at 7 though I don't always get up LOL - I lie in bed with my lap top and play on here :D
Smelly breath Check
Strange tasting mouth Check
Strange smelly pee Check

yep, sounds like Ketosis to me.

oh, have you got the bad BO as well. ;)
Oh Vicky isn't it a fab book? - I've read them all twice :D


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I hope your joking about the bo!:D I have just checked though haha!!
So is it normal to not be able to get to sleep when in ketosis? Or is that just me :confused:


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I will have to try exercise if it carries on, saying that though I was cleaning and decorationg non stop til gone 9 last night and was shattered but still couldn't sleep, I hate not being able to sleep its so frustrating:(
I'm sure it's just your body struggling to manage the changes, things will settle down Kerry.
oops, I missed that kerry, we'd moved over the page. I had bad BO, but maybe that's 'cos I'm a bloke, I can't say on the sleep either, it's not something that has ever troubled me, much to Colleen's disgust. :D


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Yuk to the bad bo. I dont get that thank goodness. Do the effects of ketosis go then? Mine arent as strong but my sticks are still showing that i am and still weeing tons

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