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I am glad you asked that Clepottage, and well done for being 100%.. I am on day 6 and have had a blip.

My pharmacist told me that she would not do my test for ketosis as they can be unreliable. I don't know if that is true or not.

I appear to have had no signs of ketosis, so will be interested in your replies (and sorry, i wasn't the one to give you the answer! lol) x
Hi hun, you should be in ketosis if you are 100% for so long. I rarely if ever showed for ketosis when I lost my weight, some people don't, its all to do with the excess ketones in your urine etc and some people can get rid of it easier than others apparently. KD did a post on here about it somewhere that will explain it a bit better.

But basically, if you are sticking to it 100% then you WILL be in ketosis and thats all there is to it lol x
Thanks Cheryl, that's really reasured me!

As I've always drunk a lot of water and am now drinking even more, would the fact that I'm very well hydrated (and therefore weeing even more) hide the symptoms perhaps? If I'm flushing through, it may hide the breath etc??
Hi, i agree that by day 7 you should be in ketosis, i was the same as you, i never had any signs such as the breath (thankfully!) but the weight came off all the same! x


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Well done on being 100% and keep it going. I cant answer your question sorry but wondered if anyone else could, hence why I cam on here. My first week I never had any symptoms either. Not been so 100% since :(


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Hi there i was told the same by my Dr and Pharmacist in regards to ketosis.

Oh and I have to share this bit of good news. I was weighed by my Pharmacist today (Day 4) and was told that I've lost 5lbs already:D
I am really pleased and cannot wait to shift the next 95lbs and perhaps then my arthritic pains will ease aswell as go into stand still mode (as my Dr said it would).
Hi, I spoke to my chemist about my breath and he said some people excrete the ketones through their breath or urine or sweat so maybe you are one of the lucky ones who pees it out. Imagine smelling of it urrghh. x

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