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Hello Everyone

I started CD sole source last Monday so that is five full days. I did a test this morning and I'm still not in ketosis. I am having about four cups of tea a day with a little skimmed milk added. My counsellor thinks it could be this stopping the ketosis. How long did it take you to go into ketosis?

I have been reading this forum all week and it's great! It really helps me to keep going and stay strong!

Suzanne x
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welcome Suzanne. :D

It normally takes me about 3 days to get into ketosis from when I first start, but I can easily slip back out of it, which is why I have to be careful re eating bars etc. I'm no expert but if it was me I would drop the milk and see if it makes a difference.
Thanks for replying. Yes, I think that is a good idea. Trouble is, I really hate black tea and coffee! Will give it a try though. I was so disappointed when I had my first weigh in today and only lost 3 1/2 pounds! After all that effort and hard work. Your first week weight loss was fantastic - 12 pounds - Wow. How are you finding it now? Are you on sole source?
yes I'm on SS and I tend to be pretty strict with myself. I do miss the odd cuppa but it's not worth affecting my weight loss so I make do with water, bouillion occasionally and my sachets/tetras etc.

If you haven't got much to lose that could explain your slightly lower weight loss?


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It doesn't always show when you test with the sticks, so they are not to go by. If your losing weight well, not hungry, bad breath.... etc the chances are you are in ketosis any way... also it takes 2 weeks to get into ketosis fully... try not to worry.... You can get into ketosis on the 790 and this has skimmed milk, it shouldn't stop you. The shakes are made of skimmed milk powder. It is of course best to stick to the plan you are on however.

Good luck you are doing well.



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The ketostix aren't always accurate. I never showed as being in ketosis, but I knew I was. Lack of hunger most of the time, bad taste in mouth etc.

BTW You are more likely to get a good result if you test first thing in the morning.

As suggested, it wouldn't hurt to drop the milk and see what happens
I probably have about 30 lbs to lose. I have been dieting for over two years now and have managed to lose about 2 1/2 stone on various diets, then putting some back on and starting again! I had 5 stone to lose after having my baby two years ago and I'd love to get this last bit off. I don't know how these celebs do it, getting skinny two weeks after giving birth!!
I must admit I'm not particulary hungry so perhaps it's just not showing on the sticks. Anyway, I'll keep going. This forum is fantastic and so addictive! I've spent every evening this week reading all the posts. It also makes me stay up far too late so I'm tired in the morning! Thank you all for your advice. x x


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I can't give up my morning cuppa either and don't like it black. I make up a vanilla shake and freeze it in ice cube bags, then add one to my cup of tea. Not quite the same, but more than acceptable :)

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