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Hi Kate, this is why the pharmicist keeps an eye on you and checks your medical history before starting! I think ketosis can be dangerous in the case of people starving themselves which is why i always tell people they should def have all 3 packs every day! I only have 1 kidney and i had no problems whatsoever and the pharmicist wasnt concerned. I think they talk about the dangers in relation to poorly anorexic people who just dont eat!! xxxx


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Hi Kate, i have just read that link and to be honest it is nothing I haven't heard before. as wary as I am of it, I look at it with a different view. Think of all the health issues and damage we or overweight people are doing to their organs over the years and the health issues involved in that also the money that (in the uk - i'm irish so we dont have nhs)NHS pay out on obese related illnesses. They should be happy that LT and likewise diets are helping people so quickly. anyway that is my perosnal view and may not be a very well educated view but it keeps me going :D:D
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I know it depends on person to person but when does Ketosis kick in. Im on Day 9 and I dont feel like Ive reached there..yet..


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Normally day 4 ish, you hungry hun? bad taste? x
Hi all

I am doing very well on diet, however i have just done a google search on Ketosis, and one site by the nhs came up
Ketosis Definition - Health encyclopaedia - NHS Direct

It says that Ketosis is dangerous to liver and kidneys for longer than 14 days. Is this true? Am starting to feel a bit deflated now?

Can anyone shed any light on it please?
Thanks x
this is why you are meant to drink a lot, if you are dehydrated in ketosis it can lead to ketoacidosis, which is different from ketosis and not good.
There is no reason for you to reach this stage if you are at a normal level of hydration. ever.


Wants it Gone!
S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Normally day 4 ish, you hungry hun? bad taste? x
I get the occasional hunger pangs but not as bad as I did at the beginning. my tongue is like sandpaper which encourages me to keep drinking.. but I havent got the energy a lot of other people seem to have.
Tracey was just wondering if, with the one kidney, you suffered ever from high blood pressure? I only got one kidney too so it was a big relief reading your posting and hearing that the diet has had no detrimental effects - even after following as long as you. At my first check-up (nor my second weigh in) I didn't have my BP checked. However I went to visit another chemist who checked my BP and said it was normal now.... unusually so as it is nearly always up a tiny bit! Juliax
Funny you should say that Julia, i have very high blood pressure hormonally related! I had very high blood pressure in pregnancy hence my little girl being 10 weeks prem..they think that was kidney related! My blood pressure seemed fine on LT though even though it wasnt checked by pharmicist! i checked it and it was fine xxxx
Hey Julia you are the first person i have met who also has 1 kidney! I dont feel weird now lol xxx
I had mine removed when i was sixteen. To be honest I have never suffered any ill effects because of this. Like you, in pregancy I had problems. One of my girls was 8 weeks prem as my BP went up - she was tiny ! Hey, and Tracey you were never wierd... We are just 'unique' lol. Have a great evening. Got my brood in bed now and I am off to watch some TV. Julia xx

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